They hide from you: Libra is so sweet and shocking, but better not to know what ŠKORPIJA MAŠTA

Make no business, “Alas I did not know.”

Each zodiac sign has its own bugs but also “bigger” things. Do not be surprised at some of their decisions and behavior, find out the time to know what to expect.

These are the most common ways that shock the zodiac signs:

Shock you with its rashness, impatience and contempt for anyone’s advice. If he can withstand two minutes and listen to those of your “drivel” of diplomacy, he will do it on their own.
And the business partners who pretend that some “face” that has poured in the face of everything they think and see what happens. If you “flaunted herself up” for evening entertainment with Aries will shock you when you open the door in sweatpants, with a screwdriver and the fuse in one hand, a beer in the other. So what, it is not end of the world, you will arrive at the premiere here.

Will shock you with its main asset – persistence or slowness (depending on the situation) and the tenacity or stubbornness. Again depending on the situation. For days, even months waiting for something that you promised, because when the lazy, difficult to start, and when the “worthy”, works like a maniac. And only when you in a cafe open mind and recognize that you are his silent suffering, you will remain in shock. Even if you work in the media or some important institutions, there is no rescue, because Taurus then totally blows my mind.


They begin to shock you very fast, since you won, so charming, talkative, informed, literate, direct, intelligent. However, these same properties transform your twins in a person’s mouth does not close, talking jargon, sleeping on a mobile phone under the pillow, “staring” at the TV while you are running a small fashion show of lingerie for his eyes only. The highlight was when the shock must preparkira car, just when you need to change the water filter cleans the canary or the dishwasher.

While you think that your cancer ass off, he appears with an unknown number (emptied his cell) from a cafe where with friends gives off steam, because on that day the weather changed at least five times, and in the newspaper writes that the ozone hole expanded . They refused his check card at the supermarket, just when he wanted to buy something for the house, and relatives by nuisance all day. Just got upset, but did not want to burden you, when you are already in shock.

It is better to ask your Capricorn which you will not shock you, because it is up to the “great work” of course in his favor. And for your pleasure will look to share with you but since you never here when he gets invitations or tickets to a fashion show, film or theater premiere, or a tennis match when you did it. Well, he certainly is not, although it will shock you when you announce that Leo woman on vacation going with friends, a male that traveled with friends at the beer festival.

Oh, she certainly knows how to shock, so classy, ​​restrained, and all rational. From this rationality come to shock you, but because you know it does not end, then strive to sense your Device that you down to the ground every time uzlepršate too, and keeps you on the example of the reckless actions. And what about the sensibility? And with it you will be surprised Virgo, especially if you are impressed, because the intercom or repairs made lunch to lick your fingers. He will look you straight in the eye while the praise, because he received his five minutes.

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So cute and so shocking that they do not believe their own eyes, but you’ve already heard of it until you twittered over the phone that you empty the bank account, because she saw the fabulous shoes. I purse. And some fashion detail, and has always been in fashion, and such you liked. Now you rebel, you’re ungrateful, almost does not deserve to be her partner. But, so overtime, your Libra loves you so much that you will forgive me, especially so shocked.

Although she would like to tell everyone the truth slammed in your face (especially those who are not even her knee), it will not shock you that she loves, but all around him. However, it will do so so subtle, so skillfully that it will all depend on her and in her search for salvation, but nothing she will not do. If you peek into the world of her imagination, shock you when you realize that your Scorpio dreams of a time when she was young and did not have anything, no career, no money, no one jeep in the garage, and she was head over heels, or – not you.

Then what will be, but not shock you if you are his partner. After all, you’re not anybody, because you have chosen to help Sagittarius designs and beautifies life. Adrenalin flowing through his veins injected you as soon as you sit down with him in his jeep or when the child wishes to you, although it could already have grandchildren and they really have. Female Sagittarius wants a new car, because they want to travel a little, but you can also plane and with you, anyway is “invaded” to have been a secret credit card, and you lived under the delusion that this will never know.

Will shock you when you in the heat of explanation and breakdown of business ventures and new ideas, once said that for years he wants to publish more recently written a book or a romance novel that continues to paint his unfinished canvas, compose music, or how long the imagination to design their own fashion line or traveling somewhere with you. Prepare the ground for a joint trip to a trip to Paris or Spain, I reserve tickets and inquire about the conditions of stay and entertainment. However, once lived.

Can you an Aquarius does shock me? Yes, he can, as he can not, and when it suddenly began to come home on time, and you as luck, that day gave up lunch together and went to meet with friends. Send her a message, a Taurus you neatly fits you naturally ask you what was behind it. Nothing, Aquarius sprawled on the couch in front of the TV with the “Remote” in the hands, watching favorite quiz. Mobile does not stop ringing, set it to “silent”.

Fish shocked when i seem confusing when you are, and when they are true, and you come to them a little shake. But, they have already managed to shake you a business decision, from which you are hair-raising. And then, it turns out that the Fish shocked business partner, not you who are a bit ‘confused pots “and cheered, but do not worry anymore. In the meantime, your partner fish already caught the eye of someone, while seemingly confused male Aries knows how to persuade him that first encounters. And who is this shocked?