They love sex more than anything else: The two zodiac sign will usually end up in the bed

Although they would never place yourself in the voluptuous star signs, the truth is that people born in these two characters adore sexual experiments and action in bed.


Born leader, no problem if you make it clear that they like, but also responds to flirt. If strong sexual attraction, show your seductive ability and will do everything to make you win.

When it comes to preferences in bed, lions prefer fierce and active sex and positions in which they can all watch it.

They are very passionate and orgasm will take you to the stars. Pale is the compliments, and if that is the possibility, be sure that you gratitude and to show you how.

Responds the Aries and Libra.


Mystical Scorpio repeatedly by an astrologer proglašivane most sexual character. And indeed it did.

Their mystery, magenta charm and dangerous views are irresistible to many, and I really did not need much more to do to his beloved taken to bed.

Although very eccentric in bed, have a vivid imagination and are willing to try all the members of this sign love to cuddle and long kisses.

For them say they love sex more than anything, and most of them correspond Crabs, Taurus, Sagittarius, but Capricorn.