This 3 zodiac sign are the biggest failure! As if they were every day Friday the 13th!

Each zodiac sign has its own strengths and weaknesses, but some of them are amazing jinx, as if every day is Friday the 13th Find out which.

All times are jinx the situation, but some of the signs of the zodiac is much more likely to occur. Or is this just makes them.


Virgo suffers from pedantry and perfection in every sense. Whenever nervous or tense she was able to fish house ad nauseam. They will not stop until everything is in place and according to her strict schedule.

These are in life, everything has to be impeccably organized and in place, if something goes wrong it will immediately move to rectify wrongs and ask them why this happens. From a small problem they are able to make a huge drama.


Libra is a great fighter for justice, and always strives to uncover and expose all, although it is not in its interest. It will be wrong to see at every turn, and the people’s problems is able to experience as their own.

Since the great esthete, the greatest injustice to her person is aging. This is an enemy with which it is not at peace while alive.


Fish have their own vision of the world, which is near perfection and hard to get in touch with reality. When you take off the rose-colored glasses and saw the true state of affairs, it is difficult to rationally deal with it. On the problems so often react very violently, sometimes neoračunljivo.

When faced with a difficult or seemingly intractable situation, it is not surprising that an attempt to settle under the influence of alcohol because it “easier” face.