This horoscope signs NEVER believe! Have you ever “burning” because you entrusted the secret ?!

Did you used to be “burned” because you trust a secret or you have relied on the promise of someone who has just disappeared? Check that you have not had a “job” with these characters, or you may be a member of one of them.

At one point, they are able to give you a true promise all their movable and immovable property available. The promise to protect you or assist you to forget. Their feelings are present, however, and what you promise short-lived. If your agreement tied to a time limit, count it will not appear. Their thoughts are confusing and often forget appointments. If they entrust not expect the secret “take to the grave.”

Not because it is prone to lies, Libra will fail because its decisions change with the wind. It is able to change the thinking is what can you surmise. If he promised something, the other half of her brain that, immediately, into question. When you realize you’ve played and it would be equally wrong, however, to come up with more nebulous excuse.

They lie, but God does not think! One to the point of living in their illusions, that begin to believe they are true. If you wake up from a dream and tell her that things are not quite what she sees them, feel free to say goodbye to them, because there is a possibility that they’ll never see. They are facing the truth does not go out of hand. A “unmasking” seriously threatens their identity.