This horoscope will izvređati for all couples! Go figure there is any truth in it!

Horoscope usually praising each character and highlights just good qualities, but not this. This interpretation will probably offend. Go figure has any truth to it.

If you have the courage to look truth in the eye, read this raw horoscope, which will not spare you your faults and bad qualities. The only thing that can comfort you is what are some of the most famous personalities share these qualities with you.


Warrior, always the first, prone to war games and intrigues, often impulsive (which is due koleričkog temperament). He likes women consider them sexual objects and after the “work performed” they generally exhibit number and kicks (Kazan and Marlon Brando). Strong economists and mostly for well-paid job.

Mane: pride, ego and rashness. Often a sadist (Hitler, Khrushchev, Ivan the Terrible.).


He likes to eat, drink and sleep. With this (so they say) and sex. Temperamental, diplomats, stubborn, lazy (unless a well-paid job). Materialist, often successful in politics and military activities, but also in the economy. Patron of the arts, although they say that the Bulls have the talent to create something yourself.

Mane: intransigence, alcohol preference, jealousy.

Known born under the sign of Taurus: Socrates, Freud, Tito, Machiavelli, Library.


People “half and half”. How are good, so i have bad traits. Attractive or cold, unemotional or intelligent, self-critical, but prefer to spit on others. Contradictory, non-dual character who now claims one, tomorrow another, and then spit on what is today forged in the stars. Often Bisexual.

Known born under the sign of Gemini: Plato, Lorca, Jack London, Sartre, Pascal, Marilyn Monroe, Angelina Jolie.


The watermark that is changeable moods, is found in almost every profession, but he needs time to decide for only one. If this is not done in time, can become a charity case. On the other hand, can become a Rockefeller or Tesla (or such people are born once). Otherwise, a good host, mild temperament and behavior, emotional and hypersensitive, are easily offended or does not show that he was injured or something bothered him. Often poetic, artistic soul (Tin Ujević, Byron).

Mane: touchy, vicious, too emotive, sometimes forgetful.


Neither Leo or Aries did not get very far in life and that people loved him and that he was killed or committed suicide (Hitler, Napoleon).

The dictator, does not recognize his mistakes, always right, quiet or overridden if located in an environment that is intellectually (or any other field) above it. It could be a diplomat or rare. If there is power, the environment is killed. It is best to feed not to terrorize the environment.


Slightly non-dual personality, good in almost everything he does, self-critical, sometimes stubborn and lazy. Analytical, materialist and Taurus, the variable nature, good-natured and impulsive. If too hasty, he can destroy it but to call friends to save him. It has a bohemian line including gambling, alcohol and prostitutes (Tolstoy).


The only air sign with sincere emotion (air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius), but rather disorderly character. They tend rare and beautiful things (Monica Bellucci), good decorators and friends. Women Scales are not burdened by conservative upbringing in love.

Disadvantages: a lot of spending, capricious and do not know what they want in life, often neurotic.


Depressed and very mysterious character. Often hiding behind the mask of fun, success in jobs that require dynamic – marketing, professional driver, promoter, etc.. He loves drugs, and if the drug is too extreme, alcohol acts as water. He’s very jealous, impulsive and vindictive. In combination with the Taurus 100% pure passion. Prone to breaking and destruction of self and others. Something like – Antonio Banderas.


Philosophers full of happiness, crazy drivers, often gamblers and gamblers. He will not falter when they get behind something, even to admit they made a mistake similar to the Lions. Cardinal character. They generally must be the last, but sometimes they know and wise to remain silent. They do not like discipline and conservatism, are open to the maximum and prone to debates. With them you can work together. Mostly they do not believe in God (Chomsky).


Materialist, lazy and stubborn. It can grow up to be mathematicians or programmers, but mostly they were nothing. If you accept a job, I can do it to perfection. And they may be hated, so that all this fails. They are mostly agnostic and accepted only concrete evidence (although not impossible to find fault with them, i). Cynicism and arrogance are not foreign to them, and sometimes they know and other people’s success attributed to himself (Isaac Newton). But this is generally not bad people. Capricorn women are extremely “in the price”.


The sign, whose reign began in 2000 and will continue until 3999. year. Variable nature, shallow emotions (imagine they in themselves as well as the twins that are primal, deep emotions, but should not try to reassure them), very smart, sometimes almost brilliant, quite versatile (Jules Verne, Mendeleev). Good friends, but because of the honesty and openness they know some blame. They like to joke, but they are human. Like Gemini, on the one hand are altruistic and say that we are in the era of Aquarius waiting for a new renaissance and progress, but on the other hand must first come and go Sodom and Gomorrah and the cataclysm. Participate in orgies and most prone to alcohol and infidelity.


All signs are united in this sign, which is not good. Identity crisis, divergence causing division on all sides, contradiction, and most expressed variability of moods are traits that are not commendable. It can be the person who will head off in cold or cry if she repeatable “wire”. It should be avoided, despite the fact that Nostradamus, Moses, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Copernicus, and a good number of members of genius was precisely this sign.