This is your greatest enemy astrological sign: There’s no way to ever agree

Find out when you can not suit you, with whom you have a relationship konfiltne, you hate my guts and with which signs you totally misunderstandings.


Since the members of this sign stubborn and independent, they do not like people who are forces like those that act on them unexpectedly and cause them anxiety. Therefore, the most common enemies found in someone in Gemini, who they were warm – cold relationship and when they pulled into the emotional vortex.


Members of this sign would rather not choose in life that are kept aside and pursue their goals more open to others impose their will, and their enemy is usually someone in the zodiac sign of Leo – who’s sub attempts to establish dominance. Bulls do not like being told what to do, leading to disagreement and bad “chemistry” between them.


Members of this sign are great individuals, known for their impulsive decisions and actions in accordance with them. On the other hand, people born under the sign of Cancer are also independent, or overly emotional and focused solely on themselves from the perspective of Gemini, and they someone born in the sign of the person with whom he can not seem to agree – as the twins teasing, Crabs insults and so on.


As caring and compassionate, Crabs are those who love the relaxed, upbeat and relaxed, you certainly can not agree with the lines they have their enemies – Scorpio, experienced as dark, manipulative, and even evil types which can have no confidence and avoid them .


As a self-reliant people who love attention and enjoy it, members of this sign find an enemy in our own ranks, in another Leo, as they perceive them as a negative form of self – intrusive and tiring. They find that their bad copies and that there is no place for someone like that in their lives.


Members of this sign are confident in their own understanding of morality and life policies, as well as Aquarians who just seem to have a more liberal approach, but actually expect everyone to live as themselves. That, and the fact that the device is very analytical and search out the situation first before taking anything, while Aquarius impulsive and rebellious act – makes them characters who can not agree.


Although it may seem compatible couple in love, it is a fact that the person Scales, and people born under the sign of Capricorn diametrically opposed. Libra is a social butterfly versus the need for isolation of Capricorn, Libra is relaxed while Capricorn has tightened its own rules and expectations, and both are equally vain and smeared – which can lead to hostility among them.


Scorpio people born under the sign of Sagittarius are quite similar in features, but their combination leads to distrust of Scorpio, hard feelings and tensions. In addition to being both stubborn and prone to revenge their ability to anger the result that after the first incident between them forever remain on opposite sides, despite the attempts of rapprochement.


Members of this sign prefer to control their emotions, while those born under the sign of Pisces the most emotional of all the signs. While shooters have not developed self-control and will tell you exactly what they think as long as it may sound cruel, Fish will go crazy for their tact and selfishness, but can not be on the same “wavelength”.


As a man of the commitments, goals and practicality, the members of this sign will mostly go on the nerves nonchalance Scales and their scattered perspective – make them like a child who does not know what he wants or how to achieve it, however, is looking for their efforts and others drawn into unproductive thinking. Most of them still gets on my nerves their indecisiveness – Capricorn would prefer to shake the balance and yelled up – give up choose a side and stick with it!


Innovative and unconventional members of this sign the most annoying people who live by the rules, others go against the grain and preach to others. Both sworn enemies most often found in people born under the sign of Taurus, which for them too rigid and limited.


As a sensitive, introspective and creative members of the zodiac, Pisces are the most upset people who are in their opinion behave like clowns, but these are usually shooters. When Sagittarius im most annoying their need for self-assertion, tactlessness and tomfoolery that hurt the people around them – seeing them as the biggest egoists.