THIS MARK IS GOOD NOTE: Horoscope reveals who is cheating and who is faithful to you

Which partners can trust and with whom you have to be careful all the time? Anyone who is fooled by a loved one, knows firsthand how painful betrayal, but at least you want is to go through the same ordeal.

Astrologers have found form on the basis of personal characteristics of the horoscope signs. Some of the signs of the zodiac cheat on their partners more frequently than others. In addition, each of them has their own reasons for this.

We will give you some “cosmic evidence” that can help you find out what you can expect from a new partner?


The possibility issue by Aries are 50/50. On the one hand, they do not throw words to the wind and still fulfill the promise. On the other hand – easy to spot risks and adventures, to break the boredom of banal. If you are energetic Aries trick, then probably not enough emotion and dynamics in relationships. They are very active, and if the partner is not able to maintain their rhythm, they can easily continue to move forward without a partner. In addition, the Rams are the owners of a solid ego that demands constant attention.


One of the most faithful companions for life. If you have such a man, it is often good. They seriously believe in “love to the grave” and “vows.” The only reason to mislead if suddenly serious suspicion that their partner is cheating. It will be a kind of revenge or retaliation, which would not dare in other circumstances. Taurus shows how concerned about the physical and emotional level, and you can not doubt his loyalty.


Keep your eyes open – these partners are very unstable and very wise. They are constantly tempted to cheat. Representatives of this sign is often required “intellectual stimulation” – and expect them to always be interesting conversation. In most cases, they need to flirt via online dating sites, social networks and via e-mail, but rarely move from the virtual reality space. Regularly encourage interest in the Twin Towers sexually and mentally, and you can be sure they will not go anywhere.


Another sign of the zodiac with a fairly low level of confidence. The reasons for infidelity – finding errors and daydreaming. They do not know what they want from life, or require endless attention. Crabs are very uncertain, and sometimes and fake their way desperately to increase their self-confidence. In addition, they manage to blame the partner and not plead guilty.


At first glance, the Lions seem confident alpha males who are willing to change women as gloves. In reality, this is not true. They are truly “in progress” with the attractive appearance of the opposite sex, but at the same time, they are infinitely loyal to their “Queen”. This quality makes the Lions a very reliable partner. With one warning! Under no circumstances should not be in a better, richer, more successful, or more talented than him.


Izdahnite- them, you can certainly believe it. Such people are distinguished by complex desire for solitude, meditation and constant fairly normal life. Another characteristic sign – Virgin are very picky in terms of potential sexual partners.


Finally, the scale is balanced and quite fair zodiac sign. Libra is stable, assume obligations seriously, so do not usually go to the fraud. On the other hand, she likes to flirt, so you can (even unintentionally) to be drawn into a situation where flirting goes too far. Libra does not know how to hide their feelings, but if it comes to cheating, rest assured, I will say it all.


One of the most passionate, but totally unreliable lover. This is precisely the case when infidelity comes solely from the physiological needs. Therefore, one of the best ways to tie a Scorpio, but it sounds trivial sex: frequent, varied, inventive …


Just as Aries and Leo, the fiery Sagittarius always has the need for action and adventure, including the bedroom. And if you share a spirit of adventure Sagittarius too restricting his freedom, he can be a very reliable partner. He is ready to devote his full attention, but at the same time, we firmly believe in love.


Capricorn partner can be trusted 100%. Calm and composed, disciplined Capricorn is that even when it comes to great temptation, can be stopped in time. They demand respect and admiration from women, the constant need to feel that they are special and amazing.


Their desires are changing rapidly – you never know what to expect from Aquarius in the next second. In addition, such a man is easily carried away. He can go for romantic adventure, telling myself it was just a coincidence.

A fish

Dreamy watermark with a rich and lively imagination. This is a fairly faithful partner who does not skimp on gifts and constantly looking for ways to be pleasantly surprised. The only thing that can break his oath of allegiance is that the family life seem dull fish. And if the horizon appears a sudden love life (trust me, they know how to attract romance behind the ears) – may be subjected to its influence.