This zodiac sign is a true friend: He has the biggest heart and you will never be issued

Invaluable as friends.

Although it may seem cold and indifferent, people born under the sign of Leo are actually very caring, selfless and loyal, which makes them great friends.

They are full of confidence
“Who are you, that you are,” is a saying that perfectly describes socializing with lions. They are bursting with self-confidence, so it is not surprising that will be your confidence and increase over time.

They are the real social “butterflies” They love parties, outings, and the long, intimate conversations.

ambitious as
They are determined and focused on the goal and his energy motivate the people around him to realize their dreams.

They have a big heart
Although at first glance it does not seem, they are really people who love and care for others. True, myself love the most in the world, but that does not mean they can not or do not want to share the love with the people they care about. He prefers to be able to help each other, but that I depend on someone to help, even if it is from a good friend

are loyal to
When you tell them a secret, you can be sure that he will not pay. They are protective of the people who are dear to them and they are willing to do absolutely everything.