Three astrological pair that beats all! Maybe it’s just you and your partner!

Turbulent relationship, emotionally charged, and frequent quarrels, usually ending with the story of the right people at the wrong time. However, there are the lucky ones whose relationship through its paces, face obstacles, even to the parting came, but they prove that true love really conquer all because they “Happy End” tried.

Madly in love, even crazier is not tolerated at certain stages, swear himself to his (former) pair will not forgive this or that or the invisible threads that connect them never breaking them completely. Can they do one without the other, but together they are invincible and can not fight against the whole world. Find out what they love combinations in the Zodiac, which despite numerous complications still remain together.


In this combination, Aquarius is the one that first catches your eye Virgo. She comes up with tactics on how to attract her attention, because in all meticulous Virgo is in the planning and budgets. Of all the weapons at its disposal the best will turn immaculate sense of humor, because Pisces always falls on the richness of the soul rather than planes and trucks that her nude.

This astro combination is quite unusual, because they are quite different in their views of the world, but the chemistry that exists between them is so strong it is as though all of that is deleted. They do not need too much time to fall in love with each other to the bone, but the most common stumbling block is that Aquarius is almost insanely fearless while Virgo is estimated that this kind would be a risk if they listened Aquarius. On the other hand, the Virgo tends to preach because he believes that he drank all the wit of this world and its passive-aggressive approach convinces Aquarius as it only right.

Aquarius will not tolerate her depending on what is the strength of emotion that has for “wise guy”, you will understand Virgo signal when it succeeded in its intent. When he realizes that it is not mistaken, she complains that it is arbitrary and that it will not suffer, but Aquarius will be sick and tired of her petulance and will split them look like the only solution. I will think that it is forever. The two of them were not able to keep in touch for months, even years, but it is often in my thoughts back together.

Aquarius is able to stands alone, and to fully devote improving other aspects of their lives while the Virgo meet her in life all more or less the same, but will occasionally uletati adventures. However, persons who enter into her life after Aquarius will not be a pale shadow. As much as she bother Vodolijini atypical views of the world, she will miss her understanding, somewhat silly behavior and showing emotion in a highly unusual way. Since they are both stubborn, the question is which of the two to achieve the re-ignition. Although some femkanja will on both sides to be sure, when you finally find and connect again to be once and for all.


This compound is characterized in that it binds them to a deep friendship that neither forget even in the moments when the eyes can not see. Leo was a great conqueror who believes that there is a person who can not succumb to his charm, but when it comes to the Libra realize that must change approach.

Therefore to her treat primarily protective and friendly. It would take more time but will be able to win the heart of the vagina and considered that there is a place, a fact najznanimljivije only then begins. Because he is an explosive nature and often arbitrary but believes that it is allowed, Libra will often find in his role as the voice of reason and adviser to paused and took a deep breath. Although Libra calmer, and it will have its episodes in which he can not cope with lions temperament.

When he felt that he was not one hundred percent dedicated to Libra and the possibility of losing it, try to win the precious gift or a very well thought-out surprises. Libra is not immune to the luxury that her Lav offers, and it is necessary, but that it is not reason enough to cross his exaggerated theatricality that is more irritating than it entertains. Although their goals in life are not identical, they are held together or in their relationship begins to creak quite when Leo remarked Scales exaggerated flirting with others, no matter how harmless it was. Also, if you feel sufficiently loved and needed it does not need a lot to find a person who will be watching him with admiration. Quarrels between Leo and Libra are more than vigorous and explosive.

As much as it seemed to Aries’ mouth has a tongue no “, it is in these situations shows Leo in a completely different light. Therefore, during their discussions she keynote speaker while he, surprisingly, more listening than it is counter-arguments. He would rather be picked up and went for Libra require him to tone it down with possessiveness and intolerance than it will remain to drive all in the open. In this way leaves her time to think things over, and comfort themselves that their story is definitely not put an end. This intermediate stage in their relationship has never been short of breath both trying to get used to life without the other. Even to them and do not go bad, but there’s always something that reminds them and return to the time when he was between them all in line.

Mostly the Lion who initiates an attempt to get all “iron out” and contrite promises suspicious Vagi that will change and that in the future everything will be perfect. Libra him, of course, knows that well so I do not believe in every word, but agrees to continue their story. This does not mean that their relationship will be more turbulence, but are too bound to each other that we could ever imagine if you will without their other half.


Another astro couple who at first sight incompatible combination. Sagittarius is the real winner of which are not interested in social rules but completely unconventional acts while in bondage Fish that many prejudices and also dreams of a fairytale love. While she was withdrawn on without embarrassment showing his affection and wants as soon as possible to concretization of their relationship.

He’s more sensual, passionate guy who needs time to reveal the depth of feeling that it exists, but it attracts fish because of their almost childish, romantic vision of life. She sees the support and someone could take her through life. He will be the first time in this very dopadati but over time will begin to suffocate her large and serious plans in life, because do not forget that he thinks he can do what he pleases, and to come and go as he pleases.

If at that moment Sagittarius meet a person who turns up and starts the action of the Fish, he will have no problem to her and says, because he was always honest crude. Fish, meanwhile, hypersensitive, and his sharp tongue she would inflict large wounds on the soul that would be considered unforgivable. Even when there is no third person shooter may not fall into such a mental state when it will be considered that the output of these links only salvation for him. Ubeđivaće or fish that is not good enough for her or if nabediti he works behind the other.

Their farewells were more than burn, do not stay their intimacy more about how we both talking on the mouth, seeking public support for its decision. When you pass the first flurry of negative emotions, both being able to suffer greatly for each other or communicate poorly.

Even when they are in contact, that both brings more harm than good, and then both Zaric that this is definitely the place and they have nothing to look for each other. As time goes by the more, Sagittarius does not need to show your skills-and the charming to prove himself that he is excellent with himself. Fish, though deeply hurt, trying to continue your life, even enters the superficial mind, but deep down he knows that with each new person looks for the feeling that she was next to Sagittarius. No matter how things between them were complicated and seemingly irreversible, at the end of Sagittarius who decided to chance that their story. Fish like it can not wait, because you never truly not given up on them. You may need time to adjust, but when you finally agree on what the goals which both aspire to, their relationship becomes unbreakable.