Three Star sign with which you do not need to go to the altar-For better or for worse till death do you part?

For better or for worse till death do you part? Are you sure you have made the right choice?

Gemini feelings are present. To make it worse, the intensity of his emotion is huge from the beginning, and many carried away here and fooled. You might think you’ve found a partner who will never leave you, izneveriti.Međutim, but the next morning you will not find on the other side of the pillow. However, they always come back, if that’s any consolation. If you promise “towers and castles,” believe them, because he thinks so … at least for the moment. If you are ready for a life full of stress, some luck to you, it will take you.

If it occurs before a registrar, you will notice the sweat on his forehead. He was already married for adventure, so in the beginning you fall into the background. His spirit requires constant excitement, and his house is the guest. He does not know how long to stay in the same place and that it not limit, because it will not compromise at the expense of freedom. Fidelity? Are you kidding?

If you can understand these freaks, you should be applauded. Are not you ready for constant partying, fast pace and there is no condition to follow all the events that life has to offer, cancel immediately! Innovation and constant desire for change in the character of Aquarius. Try every morning and come up with new styling program, if you want your marriage to survive.