Three zodiac signs with which your relationship will never work

Think carefully before you fall in love to the ears!


Although kind and sensitive as a man, married life with him is not easy. For them there are two extremes. On one side are those who are very family people, traditionalists who spend a lot of time in your home. All this would be fine if not overly fussy. They will always find fault everything and be able to constantly complain. Often they have not at will but to grumble, and that no one could use. At the other extreme are going to those who are absolutely indifferent and lazy, to marry someone from a higher interest primarily material. Of them did not even need to explain further, for their families in the true sense of the word and not interested. They are generally faithful to his wife, and good to her, but it is necessary that their wishes are met.


With a man Scorpio marital harmony can be achieved only if you live in his shadow. He likes to be dominant and that his wife is accompanied as it can not stand to feel like the woman above him. It is also very possessive and jealous, which is no small problem, because if you think you live with it, be ready for it. The good side is that it is not because of a desire that leads mainly on success in business and makes good money and it would be a good support to his family. Also, his wife and children will provide real protection because it will jealously guard their loved ones.


He is so sociable and travel so much, I do not hold it place and therefore he was not the type who would family life and felt good with which to cope. They are fun and interesting men, but most things do not look so adventurous and love. With them is not hard to live but you need to be prilagodite.Ljubomora with them is not an option, they want to have their own space, it’s time for a social life that they are of great importance and a woman who will accept it without question. Also, they often do not have the feeling for others because things look now, while they are interesting, so that his wife should be a full understanding of their turbulent nature.