TINEJDŽ sign: Taurus give a little bigger allowance, do not provoke Rams

Whether you live your drama-filled teenage years or you’re a parent who wants to better understand the youthful passion, this horoscope provides valuable insight into the teen reality.

He will hold back the tears and anger, because it is not appropriate to show feelings. Courage is what will be proud of the young Aries. A walk in the clouds is ok, but as long as it meets ridicule buddies, then express their minds aggressive line. Sport is the only option of directing.

Never enough pocket money. His stubborn attitude will hardly any change. There is a serious approx from authority, but if you approach it in a subtle way, pribećiće suggestion. Tactic.

They are eternal children. They are mostly harmless, but know how to be corrupted. They are not easy to impose the will, so that if you engage in some undesirable adventure, will not hold them for long. Without pressure.

These are generally obedient maldi people. Cancer is sympathetic and mostly they have a national education and respect for adults. After that cup up to be a passing phase in some of their experiments. The nice thing makes miracles.

I like children Leos are born to dominate. It should not oppose, or to communicate with him on a high level. If you need to raise the volume, you might even be heard.

In Device teenagers need to take care of some complexes that may occur during this period. Since they tend to perfection, there will always be considered that other better or more beautiful than them. Confidence is gained through acceptance.

If her wardrobe is not the latest fashion trend is able to be locked in a room and not come out to protest a long time. Excess weight is leading to frustration.

There are no taboo, otherwise she not ‘dosrasli’ and your understanding of it is obsolete. Sex education in the form of the story is something that is necessary in order to be properly targeted.

He will not listen anyway. His dreams are outside of these areas, there is so much to explore. Do not expect that his room is clean, on the way there and just sleep.

Already outlined the path to a successful career. Capricorn enrolled in a school for profit not for affinity. Respect the advice of older, but apply their own choice.

Zaprepastiće you their ideas and visions. Aquarius should be allowed to go their way. Do not try to understand her moves. Iznenađivaće you from day to day.

Younger members of this sign mainly during this period shed an ocean of tears trying to understand the purpose of existence. With great love and support, they can become stable people.