TIP – the money is there to have control and power over others (ASTRO)

Do not be deceived by the work or woe to you! Scorpio fantastic handled money which buys security, freedom, control and power. I firmly believe that it will get to the top in the business world, and he did not care how, and how much time it takes. Ready is a great sacrifice. When there is no money, Scorpio is well tolerated due to its self-confidence. When it goes well, selflessly giving money to charity and generosity to remember friends. Cunningly manages the affairs of the shadows and generally is far from negative. Rado lends to others, but does not allow debtors delay. Controls all income in the household, as his partner usually leads to anger. Accumulate money and spreading hate, and consumes only the artwork. Moto – the person with the most wins gold bullion.