TO THE GREEN ON BOR grasp and let it dry! Three characters who never have no luck in life

If im going to love, to experience financial and economic fiasco. Fortunately jure, but can not seem to get it and almost never enjoy complete well-being.

These three characters have learned to live with and fight on all fronts.


Virgo likes to behave as if he emerged victorious from certain things, but the truth is completely different.

Will be happy to offer its own merits in the service of someone to make him happy, but not themselves.

Forever will refine the details in order to achieve a goal that often knows that her slip. But she never gives up.


Sagittarius and Virgo knows he shut up and leave her fortune to others, instead of the grab. They know that to lose in life and cope gracefully with bad moments. Sagittarius tends to be lazy and because of his brightest moments in my life miss.


Capricorn is outraged life loser. Mostly happiness eludes him because too much praise and witness to all men, but it turns out not to be. He does not like his luck gets out of hand and then make yourself an even bigger problem because of its bitter behavior.