TO THIS ADVICE you win every woman: the Virgin can not tolerate vulgar, Taurus women demanded to be constantly tunes

They say that every fort can be won only if you have a good tactic. Read these tips and make sure the same is true for women – no impregnable.

Aries woman can win by being direct, to tell her everything that you thought of when you first see it. Only openness and drčnost at her passing. She will not let into your life someone who is weak and who can not support it. They’ll release, when it is not safe with that expected but if you disappoint, it would be better for a man to pick up his things and went alone. Before we came to a heavy debate.

Taurus woman will win by going to please her. Buy her some candy, jewelry, earrings in her favorite color or take her to a bar that she likes. It is not difficult to impress, you just need to feel loved and that her actions prove that she is loved. She is loyal and dedicated and the same is expected from you.

Gemini woman will win a beautiful word. She is one of the longest member of the Zodiac, which retains a youthful spirit. Sometimes it’s superficial, but is intelligent and if someone is interested in devoting his attention. Many stories, many ask, but if you thought that something hide from it, do not try. Messages and conversations long into the night will win this lady. Anything can, just do not be silent.

Cancer woman will win the devotion and tenderness. It is romantic and loves to take some trouble over it. Though he prefers to spend time at home than to go somewhere. Be pleasant and polite and plan everything slowly with her. If you do not want to see similar things that are not pleasant and gentle, will not be staying long.

A woman is proud lioness. He knows what he wants. You have to have enough energy and self-confidence in order to be with her. She does not let anyone near. It is important to constantly go to some new places, even in the city, if not abroad. It is important to always something happening and that is not boring. Bind A lion because it will not be tolerated. Cheer is a gift, so you’ll get her attention.

For a woman, the Virgin is essential that you have a good story. He’s very intelligent. I do not suffer from simple things and ignorant people. She likes everything to be as it should, but the perfectionist. Nice dress her bit in a man. Give her a book, talk to her about work and their plans, and it will be easy to open. She was all of those who are planning.

Lady Libra is easy to fall in love. She has a good radar for evaluation of partners, and with her not pass those who are stable and ready for a normal relationship. Lady Libra is faithful, the same is expected of the partners. It is essential that the more time you spend with her, to have joint plans and you’re romantic.

Lady Scorpio loves energetic men. If you are to her about you will feel that you have more women. There’s a lot to achieve in life, but the same is expected of the partners. Passionate and her sex is very important. Be direct and do not say is jealous. Let all the cards are on the table. Be faithful and committed, not zapostavljajte this lady, because she needs a lot of attention and assurances that it is only one.

Lady Taurus will appreciate the openness. Providing freedom it is a recipe for success. Bind is not bringing in a situation where something has to be waived. They will not understand or accept. It is important that everyone has their own life and that is a positive partner. Even if you are traveling somewhere together, you do not have to worry about the success of the relationship. Try not to fall into a rut.

Lady Capricorn requires patience. You do not have the patience? No time? Do not engage you on an adventure with a lady born under the sign of Capricorn. Be persistent and calm and you will win easy. She wants to know whether a relationship will be stress-free, stable and whether it can rely on you. Be the support, a good advisor and cubes will eventually agree. Her work can be substantial, so it would not be good if it restrained. He’s very important status and you can progress together.

Lady Aquarius is one of the more difficult Achieved wife. Why? Because you must have a unique, special access. It does not fall on some proven attempts, you have to be original. Be the first to her friend, an adviser, someone who is always there for her, and everything else. It must be good to know that you would be sure that there is something more, that there may be a future. Sure, it may take some time, so be patient it does not stay only in the area of ​​camaraderie.

Ladies Fish are the most romantic women of the zodiac, you are going to win by going to lead to some new places, to the movies, make dinner. A nice gesture, a kind word, a good music or movie – these are all steps toward her heart. Make sure you know that is unique, not be romantic, but certainly should not be arrogant, but gentle. Leave her dooljno space to be able to play their game, but at the same time be strong and the praise of her self-confidence. Going through the day are not allowed, and its time is night.