TONS OF ALCOHOL OR LAPTOP IN BED: This sign means spend the weekend

The working week is over. Who will be loafing time spent in pajamas, and who is just starting “action”, discover.

Aries weekend carried out biting nails. He’s worried that he will not fail weekend sitting at home. Circular sent a message to call time all friends.

Taurus loves a party, or in pajamas. The members of this sign let me get some sleep. It is very possible that if you call them, on the other hand get a response: “Mobile is not currently a subscriber …. until Monday.”

The right to work, twins are likely to “authenticate” the first cafe with friends or colleagues, then it will continue … And where will wake it up and they often ask.

Cancer will devote my weekend preparing food for various tastes. Time to spend at home, a welcome only family members and close friends. Do not remind them that there Monday.

Leo with fellow twins already started the weekend before he started. If you have not opened a new club, but how is it that fails?

The weekend is clearly determined to go to the purchase of immaculate (cleaners), and then means “rehearsal”. Who else likes to live with mites …

Meanwhile, Libra weekend love to spend with your partner (whoever it was), with a good movie and popcorn.

Finally, the whole night in front of Scorpio, and you do not have to worry that tomorrow will force open the lids. For her imagination need not worry.

If Aries could skokne somewhere “over” – it would be ideal. If not, he will manage somehow. There are friends of Leo and Gemini, if nothing else.

As soon as he entered the house, Capricorn opens the laptop to send commercial e-mails, which he reached during business hours. The rest of the weekend carried out the following business development strategy.

Aquarius entire weekend carried out on social networks. Finds the craziest videos and discover new attractions. On Facebook has an average of about 2,000 friends. It had never bored.

Fish is one weekend, to put it mildly, “alcohols flood” … Most of the weekend passed in drowning and the rest in search of aspirin.