Transit Venus in fish-What awaits us in love? (ASTRO)

Transit Venus in fish – which is love, we can say that this Venus yearns to love will be realized or the Venus mission here is not easily achievable because Neptune (who is the ruler of the fish), inter alia, the planet lies, fantasies, delusions and hallucinations. The search for true love accompanied by exaggerated tendency to idealize the love field and is the present time and greater risk of making mistakes in the choice of a partner, there is disappointment. Why Venus is exalted in fish? When finally after many tragic love affairs realized he was alone and that there is no “soul mate” one can enjoy the love to the fullest and give the greatest pleasure a partner, but only when he realizes this is the first … it will sincerely love, infinitely gentle, full of understanding and heat, flexible partner, sacrificial and dedicated, to show their unconditional love! So we are we in this period of Venus in fish need to steer clear of credulity in love, inadequate decisions, indecision about the direction in which they would like to develop a love relationship that is. Link. It will be necessary to clearly align itself wishes, needs and plans! Only when we realize that we leave the romantic fantasies with a partner!

When transiting Venus moves into ram, and joining forces with transiting Mars in Aries will feel that in us be more direct, more dominant power. Venus in Aries is passionate, impulsive, relaxed, direct, komunikativna- knows what he wants. She is strongly attracted to physical appearance and is prone to fiery adventures. Venus in Aries is the sign of new beginnings in love, so that this situation lonely offers advantages in terms of ease of reporting new opportunities for starting new relationships while those who are in a relationship or marriage provides opportunities for easier overcoming of possible problems in a love relationship with a loved person during their life together. Pickups initiative will help us, the quicker we can plan and be ready for action. Mane’s Venus? You must be careful not to be egotistical to a partner, stubborn and does not react violently if our initial enthusiasm does not meet with the same enthusiasm of partners. This Venus can sometimes neglect the other side and “pičit for his” because it carried away, bit her actions and that something is happening. The agreement builds his house !;)