TREPTANIK: If you play the upper lip, expect an unknown Room Have you ever wondered which sends signals to the body?

Have you ever wondered which sends signals to the body and how much talk about some upcoming events? See what it means when your specific body part blinks.

Top of the head – pretskazuje profits or you will have a son

The last part of the door – there will be a stranger and bring gifts

Topics of the head to the right – you’ll be the judge

Topics header from the left side – nice will be carried out in merry company

Cello – you will hear bad news, but there will be a lot of damage

Nape – bad news if you grieve, but after you again rejoice

The forehead between the eyes – you will go on the road and have a good time

Topics above his right eye – will keep the endowment, you will receive

Topics over the left eye – everything you’ve imagined will be achieved

Right ear – you will hear good news

Left ear – you will hear bad news

Rings or right ear – hope for good news and joy

Sounds li left ear – bad news will bring sadness

Flashes in the upper part of his right ear – Expect a fight and quarrel

Flashes in the upper part of the left ear – you will receive good news from a friend

Right eyebrow – your son will get the

Left eyebrow – this year, expect plenty of food

Both eyebrows – expect the joy

The skin between the eyebrows – a friend will make you happy

Right eye – what you want this will be achieved

Left eye – will belong to you some honor, but it will make you sad

The upper lid of the right eye – expect the joy

The lower lid of the right eye – you can get a new friend

The upper lid of the left eye – can get a male child or you will have a happy life

Lower eyelid left eye – you will receive bad news

Nose – bad news waiting for you

One side of the nose – you will be honored and will try very hard at something

The upper lip – you’ll get an unknown guests

Lower lip – will win enemies

Both lips – Ljubica with friends

Brad – you will meet someone who will make you happy

Right shoulder – you will be healthy

Left shoulder – you’ll be sad

Muscle in his right hand – you’ll be sad

Muscle in his left hand – you will find the lost

Right elbow – will become an important person

Right palm – you will be merciful

Left palm – will avoid bad news and you will be happy

Both breast – you’ll take some work

Right breast – will stay long in one place

Left breast – someone will do some good

Navel – you will receive honors

Right knee – in the house you will find a wealth of

Left knee – something bad will happen to you

List on the right leg – we’ll get rid of something

List on the left leg – disintegrates with a friend and can no longer see

Right heel – rejoice good news

Left heel – you will be reprimanded by the elderly

Right sole – you’ll be sad for some news

Levi sole – you can get a great fortune

Thumb of his right leg – the people for whom you care happy to come back from the trip

Palac left leg – you’ll avoid attacks