TRI jealously Zodiac sign: Of life will make a mess if they suspect that they cheat

Let’s be honest, everyone was a little jealous, but the members of these three Burcu partners know how to make a real mess!

Everyone likes to praise them and into the limelight of their good qualities, but there are some parts of characters that should najradnije “pushed under the carpet”. Jealousy is certainly one of these qualities, and members of these three characters just once in a while I can not control it!


Scorpio are in many ways a very contradictory character. Although the very adventurous and like to try new things, once you choose a partner can be so very possessive. They are a deceivers and find it difficult to resist, but if you even suspect that their partner is cheating or any other person pays attention they think they deserve, will make a scene.


Leo is perhaps the best lover in the world, but woe to you if you think that you are wrong! They are very vain and hard to bear that fell into the background. Their majesty nobody has the right to overshadow and even some plain view that partner send random passerby on the street, can be a cause for strife.


If their relationship is good and worth keeping and maintenance, Cancer will be loyal and faithful to the end. However, as many crabs can be so blinded by their emotions that partners sometimes stifle his attention. If they “catch” jealousy shall all become suspect – a neighbor, a friend from childhood, man / woman in the store …