Trigon-harmonious aspect, because it points to the intuitive use of their own resources ….

Trigon 120º-This is a very harmonious aspect, because it shows the almost intuitive use of their own resources. There is no conflict, no adjustments. However, because the person all facilitated, many things taken for granted. She is aware, for example, that the talent or the will, but does not want to take on this issue. Such a situation makes her a natural and there is no need to change it.

It often happens that people with a lot trine did not achieve in life, although they may have great artistic talents. Trigon provides support in crisis situations, something that people instinctively water when it is difficult. However, because this aspect of sloth bears, it will continue to make contact with other planetary aspects of the person brought immorality and distorted perception, especially when it comes to Neptune. Of course every aspect depends on the consciousness of the planet. Neptune trine of people can make a pathological liar, a can and a great director or photographer, depends on how the aspect of benefits.

This aspect refers to facilitate, support, co-operation, the flexibility and freedom of a person has in those areas which are related aspects. Although this aspect refers to the harmonious manifestation and happy circumstances, traditionally considered unfavorable, because it brings laziness and disengagement.

Some astrologers believe that this aspect is of the nature of Jupiter, as it brings well-being and prosperity, it is also a gift of God and refers to everything that person does effortlessly. But precisely because there is no effort, there is no motivation.

In the maps that lack Trigona, a person has problems with the achievement of peace, contentious and often enters into conflict. The best combination is when the work trine fueled motivation square or opposition, because that person because of tensions in which it selects the most accessible and most effective tool for themselves, which is presented trine. In this way the people of knowledge and their strengths and weaknesses and learn how to with what she is given to solve the challenge that lies ahead. Orbis on this aspect vary from 8º to 12º.