Try your posture-Stars help you to discover his favorite pose and to provide an unforgettable pleasure in the bedroom!

Surely you ever happened not to cover some of the best in sex, or that you need some time to get acquainted. With these tips you can easily find a common language in bed

Stars help you to discover his favorite pose and to provide an unforgettable pleasure in the bedroom:


They are known to prefer fast, aggressive and rough sex. Try challenging pose behind where he sits on the bed with your legs extended while you lie on them, fully extended, with their backs toward him. This position allows deeper penetration and allow full control.


Bulls Men prefer sensual, slow sex. Try the missionary position. He will be able to dikitira pace and at the same time to show his soft side.


These guys are known as masters of sex quickie. Try the posture in which both stand facing each other while you were leaning against the wall.


Crabs are hesitant and can act as if they have a split personality – for a moment as gentle, but at the moment are rough. Try a pose in which you up. This will allow you to take control if he keeps changing tempo.


Lions are very romantic, especially if you try to be nice and pleasant. Imagine a beautiful satin linens and candles. He will definitely afford it. Try spoons pose. It will allow him to be the whole sensual due to the fact that it is a true romantic. VIRGO

Device prefer everything to be neat and usually they are the ones who love to give pleasure. Lie on your back until your legs are raised in a V-shape – this will allow him to show off his talents.


Scales are simply good at everything. He will excel in every position, so you can try some more complicated. Have you picked up in his arms, enfold him off, and trust us, he will know how to proceed …


The way they make love is quite similar to the way you communicate with your partners (for example, a man who solves all your problems in bed … that’s a Scorpio). Try pose face to face. Start in the dog pose, and then rotate the knees so you are looking at each other. Eye contact during sex is very appealing to men Scorpio ..


They are the most spontaneous of all the characters. So, if you like sex in a public place, you’ve found your ideal partner. Try a pose in which you stand as he enters you from behind, holding his hand while your leg that is slightly bent at the knee. To achieve a more intense feeling of pleasure in a public place, tell him that you leaned against the window for extra excitement because someone might see.


They love games and like them whips and chains. Yes, ditches prefer S / M. Try stajl dog pose, or drop your head on the pillow. What he likes is to completely control the situation, and this poses will allow him to. But beware of a possible flogging and dirty conversations. Talk first about what you want and what is not, and set limits.


These guys love sex toys and various props. Be creative and let your imagination run wild while using props sexy. This will further stimulate and maximize it aroused.


Fish perfectly know how to read body language, so that sex with them almost always phenomenal, because they know exactly what you want and how you want it. Also like to try out different roles. Try pose “reverse cowgirl” – and then insert a role, it will excite them further.