Twelve astrological field-witches, hidden enemies, suffering, imprisonment …..

Astrological field Twelfth

Element and Meaning: Water – the emotions, the unconscious, assimilation, desires, passions, fears

The quality and meaning: Drop-down – thoughts, observation, learning

The modern meaning of the fields: surrender, release, losses, hospitals, prisons, dreams, delusions, large animals, the mental institution, depression, isolation, vices, leaving the material framework, monasteries, meditation, mystical experiences, NGOs, heavy substance, tourism, distant travel, travel Agency

The traditional meaning of fields: witches, hidden enemies, suffering, imprisonment, troubles that person makes himself or his fellows, feet

Esoteric meaning of fields: karma, returning to the Universe / God, the source of which is the soul, and so, awareness of past lives

Numerological meaning of the fields connects heaven and earth, man and God, and consistent view of all numbers, charisma, self-reliance, developed the soul does not need to be maintained heavy thoughts, education to eliminate suffering,

Natural Sign: Pisces

Planet Ruler: Venus

Planet rejoices in this field: Saturn