Twelve houses of the zodiac, describes our previous incarnation ….

Twelve houses of the zodiac, among other things, describes our previous incarnation. When I say next or last, is usually thought of in the past time, ie. Association of the weather phenomenon. Let’s say you’re in a previous life lived in the 18th century and just in a royal court … Weather in astrology does not go from today to tomorrow, it is circular or spiral for astrologers, a linaerni access time should reject all those who are on their way spirituality … Everything I do now need to become aware of how we do it, because what I’m doing now affect my future but also the past, because if the weather is spiral or circular way you want, then it is certain that at some point things from the past come back before me and become my future, and what will be actually something from my past, but the time will come to deal with it now. We deal with all the time and our past and future simultaneously.

Previous incarnations is one that is related to this sad then, and this is related intensive learning something from this life, but it can be a task, up to two, but because of the actions that we have launched in this life now, we have a response, ie. pay debts or simply learning the same lessons, but from another angle, that the opposite of us. It is possible that we go back to correct an injustice that we have inflicted upon someone, and we will now be in this lesson that we find ourselves in a situation that injustice happens to us now and so on. (In the astrological chart to show a very strong tense aspects between planets).

Before going home 12 11 in the zodiac, which describes our penultimate life. From the astrological circle can see and all previous lives, but what I want to explain is that now 11-a house, which is usually under the rule of Aquarius, the planet Uranus, which is her co-ruler, Saturn in addition to its ruler. This is a man, an intellectual character, a picture drawers of water that carries water or ragweed (immortal drink) gods is actually a picture of an awakened man who pours water knowledge to us, in a symbolic sense. The sign of Aquarius, as most fans of astrology knows, is related to the future, for people who are innovative, authentic, best friends, get jobs that are tied to the future, networking, internet, etc. Intellectual means, which include sign of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are air signs associated with the element of air, which is the rarest element in nature, which can not be seen and by whom we depend. Unlike the Twins who are focused on communication and trade and Scales of which focuses on the relationships between people, the sign of Aquarius is connected with ideas, projects, associations, philosophy.

From this sign goes what is primordial, what is there until we, as a people is not created, in our system that governs our thoughts, ideas and intentions, which, after materialize, first through the etheric part of us (the sign of Pisces, 12 houses therefore, the SMO, rules our psyche or subconscious level) and then through the current incarnation ie. first house, in which we came materialized as humans, but completely unconscious. But what was the intention and ideas for which we have come in our lives pretprošlom life. So a 11-house always describes life in the third row counting the current (before from the present). It is a life that describes where it started an idea or intention to do something or do something. Therefore, it is difficult to remember that we were once consecrated, we had all the knowledge that we have been awakened. Therefore, it is difficult, because of the substances from the body, which are limited to move into the distant past to us is actually the future and to remember who we are and why we are here now.

Astrological circle a lot, when you understand, it can be disclosed to him. The intention of that comes from our mind and our thoughts form our emotions, feelings and then the incarnation or matter in this life in the form of people, circumstances and events in the present. If our intentions are aware and we can be more aware. If you go with the intention to do a job from the heart and to help another person who asks for help, no matter what the job or activity in question, my actions will be correct. We intend to establish our own emotions, we will be satisfied, because our people is natural to help others, to love and be in a purpose (to be seen in young children). Our primary need is that we are in the community and when we help someone, our vibration rises. This means that within us there is a memory that we are all connected to helping others help themselves to my bad emotions caused my subconscious intention of hurting someone causes a domino effect that will lead last domino me on the back and demolish me. In us there is the memory of all the situations that we hurt and we were injured, and those memories we call past lives .. The memory then it turns out something that tells us the future, but our future is our intention from before last life.

The sign of Aquarius is the sign that rules all future jobs and things, but it is still very attached to our previous experience, what happened a long time ago. So, for our original intention to make a campaign about something. Awareness of the fact that we’re not just me that everything around us is a part of us, that the people around us just materialized ideas, thoughts and intentions of ourselves that we come to be resolved in some way, is actually alertness. At any time we receive the message of the universe around us through all around us, whether we are awake or not, whether we are on the right track of our memories that you do well and make a correct way, and for which we only know that it is correct.

Awakened man is aware of his deep intentions, the idea that something is moving in. He came to himself the intention, but it is clean if deep down agree with the basic parameters of humanity, that water carriers carrying the nectar of immortality.

Awakened man is one who can not remember all the previous experiences that are there to learn that the future intention is pure. These are the memories of the soul, deeply inscribed in us.

How to remember anything from before last life? Very difficult, but remember to start is what we wanted in childhood, how we behave when we were little, what rules are then ruled in our soul. What we wear written in the soul ever since the beginning of life with us, only our consciousness grows through thoughts. Through the memories that we can call insights. Awakened man is one who can consciously decide every day of your life if you help someone, or set back. Is the life or the destruction in the end. Consciousness is highly associated with our focusing at the moment we do things. If a greater focus on it, the clearer the intention and awareness of the fact whether it is wrong or not what we do. Aware man has knowledge of what works and what can cause their actions. Awareness can connect to the term responsibility. Where there has responsibility and freedom, and freedom is the water bearer, who carries the water that carries knowledge of immortality and freedom.

We are all actors on the scene now, but it is important to remember the true text, what we have long agreed and practiced with his teammates this week, who will be who in this life. Therefore, this life can figure out as a play, a call with the play, where you introduce new actors, so it is good to know that it’s important to play in the theater, and if you think that the bad play, believe it will always come to the end of the show, and after you that we all go have a glass in the bistro across the street … .and tomorrow is already a new show!