Twin rushes last drop, Virgo takes a year to be sober

The longest night of the year, where wine flows in streams, the music does not stop a bright lanterns decorated the interiors, is nothing other than to indulge in revelry until dawn. As each zodiac sign has its own form of entertainment and fun way, also has a distinctive scenario for the day after – or hangover cure. While Gemini continue to chase every last drop backward into the bottle and the next day, Leo will curse days and that one Bayliss who is reluctant to drink … Sagittarius will multiply and gather cups and bottles, with always the same conclusion – I could have more.


After a sleepless night, probably will not know where he left, but they will immediately go for a jog, probably on the right side. Active all lens with this sign, and ejection of alcohol is best to “blow” if not on the race, then the bike trail, and perhaps executed to check if everything is in order.


The biggest hedonists of all the characters, when you drink does not know to stop, but do not try to stop it because it will increasingly prove how much his capacities. In the morning, if not with his head in the sink-in, you will find him in his bed. Will rise several times until noon because food heals all and even hangovers.


The eternal teenager among the signs, will use every minute of the holiday break to have fun. Klin is fire with fire, but the next day there are no breaks. If the fridge is empty, will not hesitate to gyro pair partner and continue where he left off … In the café, park, at a friend’s apartment, where it is irrelevant. It is important that there is still a cup, and the celebration lasts.


One drink, and two tours pauses. By morning, perhaps sober. If not, start the morning following every possible get advice from those in the kitchens of our grandmothers – pickle cabbage to those found on the website dedicated to this subject.


In order to drink, drink, but not enough. Lions never acknowledge that they are drunk, and the next day, moved their condition can not be recorded as a hangover. What is a king tavern, the fun is not fun if you do not take at least three days, and should be continued and the next.


I did not, I did not, eh that just did not drink the damn drink – Virgo will repeat the next day. One glass of liquor is sufficient that one month is not tasted chocolate in which he has an aroma of alcohol. Treatment of fun will last at least the next month, and by next year it will be difficult to decide on a similar adventure.


No rest for this character. If you are lucky enough to meet with twins, there they are together in a march on the rest of the drink. The path they charted and long, always go where the booze. Where they appear, disappear and drinking water.


This passionate character does not like strong drinks. You will find them with a glass of premium red wines, you will slowly tasting with light flirting. A couple of glasses will be enough to indulge their passions, and that after a few hours of sleep again can continue that in which enjoy more – the game of seduction.


A sign has a remarkable capacity when it comes to alcohol. No matter how much they drank, you will hardly see them drunk. While all under the table from fatigue and drunkenness, they seem to have already begun. The next morning wake up completely fresh as if nothing had happened.


Does not know how to have fun, even when drinking it works strictly metered, following the accident that some of the participants did not drink too much, to him a lesson. The next day, alcohol will be an excuse for all the discontent, sloth and reject any calls even for a glass of lemonade at a nearby cafe.


No matter how much they drink Aquarius never bad, mainly because they do not want them to be bad. Will use every free moment to have a good time, even if they are dizzy and his legs were issued. If the company is good, the day after drinking will continue slowly to gradually warm up to be able to show in all its glory.


Most prone to vices, always ready to exaggerate good. You will not believe how this character can drink, and the next day to withdraw into themselves and treat the flow of time left, in the style only to pass the day. As soon as the cure, there they are again in the new overdose.