Twin-wife Dama with a shade!

Map name: twins (Gemini)
Map Description: The Lady of the shadow
Characteristics: Her mind is not at rest. It has a few people. One is a girl, the other a mother, businesswoman third, fourth mistress. With the beginning of a love relationship is fascinated by the partner, his smile, his eyes, his charm after a while begins to criticize very analytical, professional and stylish.

Dressed in sarcasm ovažena minds that combines fantasy and romance, but at the end of the day its critics and not be so severe. He kept looking for an ideal partner, so ideal that eventually forgets what he looks for. I just so happen from time to time when the partner is not next to her she just forget it.

In the race for constant developments can afford to complicate your love life, but minds and to calm when needed and wait for the following 5 minutes. U carries a combination of intellect, emotion and passion. Flexible search every situation simple and easy challenges that she will be entertaining and that will include socializing. Liabilities, mewling and boundaries do not like at all, unless it has set itself. But the boundaries are there to be dismantled …