Twofold manifestation of planets in the birth chart

Each planet in a house where there is two ways to be manifested, that in that house a real problem or it asks for help.

Depending on the level of awareness of people, the planet will behave in a certain way. For example, if the planet is in the field or at home 9, means that its influence expressed through religious beliefs and philosophy. This may be in the form of certificates that are non-functional for the person and what’s more, destructive tendencies or to persons through education and greater awareness solve environmental challenges. The combination of inputs and the nature of the planet.

If, for example, Mars in 9 home, a person can enter into conflict because of their beliefs or even that they intentionally cause or to take concrete and meaningful actions to be educated in this regard. So, in both cases we have action and adrenaline, but a completely different level of consciousness, and therefore different consequences.

Also, the way of taking action will depend on the sign in which the planet is located, but not the same if Mars is in Libra and in Scorpio. That is the sign of Libra, many people would tactfully and with much more deference spent their energy. The Scorpio energy would be more focused on the goal, but the people. And all of this, including in the context of expressing shape the energy natal chart.

As energy comes from a specific person, its behavior can not be predicted. What is valid is that the client presents more options manifesting some aspect, then, in agreement with him to see what is functional by itself.

Therefore, astrology has a therapeutic use, as it aims not only to inform, but also to help.