Unsure of his feelings? Check by Burcu how he shows love!

“I love you” is not the only way to say “I love you”.

Declaration of love is a big step in any relationship. Some people have no problem with saying this wonderful two words “I love you”, while some knots at the thought that it should express. However, sometimes it is not even necessary to say anything, because the partner already feels and knows that love is present.

However, if you are unsure what your partner feels about you, Get yourself to his zodiac sign shows the emotions and everything will be clear.


Rams are opened in respect of all, it is not love is no exception. Logical approach every situation, but if you say you like to know that this is indeed the case. If they do not say just “I love you”, will begin to joke with you. They want to place myself a person who is able to enjoy their banter. In addition, the Rams love to send text messages for “good morning” to their favorite way to show you that they love you.


If there is something that Taurus loves more than food then this is a passionate love. It is known for being quickly falls in love. If you are confused and do not know how she feels about you, pay attention to his actions. Taurus enjoys the traditional expression of love, which means it will run on the check and you reserve the door. Even to share with you and her portion of food, which otherwise seems reluctant.


The twins show him love, but do not utter “I love you”. They are known for flirting, which means that you’re probably not the only person currently correspond. They are extremely social and hopelessly romantic, and that’s a dangerous combination. They are able to change partners very quickly, but if you want to find out if you really loved Twin pay attention to whether the conversation changes when you talk to him. Instead of shallow, Gemini will start to ask you all the more personal and intimate questions. I’ll let you babbling, without interrupting you because he loves listening to you when you talk.


When Cancer seeks love, he looks for someone who is his equal. Tropic extremely attracted to people who are independent and nurture ambitions outside the relationship. When love becomes very protective. They want to be sure that you have a nice day. gonna cook you dinner and will make sure that you are comfortable while watching movies on the couch. They will not say “I love you”, but if you make it clear that this feels. If you feel you are getting serious will want to get to know his parents, it was a natural step for them.


His energy and reliability play an important role in this regard. He likes to be free, but when you fall in love with Leo stops to think only of yourself and discharged more free time for you. I do not like to be tied into a relationship, but you’ll definitely know if he loves you if he says that it is quite OK to stay at home and watch movies rather than go out. Lions highly appreciate the love, which means you’ll want to spend with you as much time.


It’s hard to appease a virgin. They hate when they feel vulnerable and are afraid when to leave someone to love them unconditionally. Patience is necessary when you want something serious with the Virgin, or prepare their shyness at the beginning of a relationship. Device is not good at expressing love, but you need equally patiently look for signs of their feelings. When Virgo fall in love doing that puts your needs ahead of their own and give you a subtle actions speaks what feelings he had for you.


Libra has its own objectives and no time to study whether you are the right person for her. Social and likes to everyone to be friends, so it is difficult to understand whether you love it or you are considered to be another friendly soul. If you leave it in your intimacy, you will know that still harbors strong feelings for you. If you respect as much as Virgo respects you, the relationship will prosper. When the love Virgo is trying to be more honest with you than the others. It will be open and will share with you details about yourself that almost no one knows, so you making it clear that you are special.


Scorpio men are very seductive and passionate. They love to love as long as it comes with a drama and sex. Their relations are intentzivni and it can scare partners very quickly. Scorpio can be so stubborn, so they are perfect for them phlegmatic person. Instead he tells you he loves you, man Scorpio treated you like a goddess: you will feel you are watching in a large company, you will love the bed and give my best to be happy.


This adventurous character rushes to fall in love. They do not know how to hit the brakes, so it seems like nothing, not even love, do not understand this very seriously. Most are attracted to people who are willing to allow them to remain free, and that they do not bind to discipline relationship. If you will give Sagittarius likes all of the strains that you laugh. You will know that you rotate around your finger if you offer somewhere traveling with them or try to join a new adventure.


Capricorn needs best friend. They do not care a passionate lover and a free spirit, they want someone who wants the same things. Family is very important and the goat constantly plan for the future. When in love, Leo tries to impress you with their intelligence. If you remember the little things about you or would like to introduce you to my family, it’s a sign you Capricorn very important and wanted something serious with you.


At first it may be difficult to tell whether you Aquarius likes, because they can operate at times inaccessible and remote, but when you are in love to the bone, their attention is directed only to the loved one. All they want is to find the right person, and it can cause you to feel like you’re being cross-examined or that they are too serious. Aquarians love very seriously and want to place yourself someone who is both intelligent and eccentric. But when you love each other, they will laugh at your stupid jokes and will be ready to show you their favorite places and favorite books, and it is for them a very intimate act.


Fish are very shy and emoticne, but their hearts are treated as if it were made of glass. The worst that can happen to them is to end up heartbroken, but like to be in love, and will therefore act as if they were a bit reserved. When you are in love, Gemini will show the tenderness and care about you. Sweet messages sent during the day, small and fast kissing, sharing food, little things show that Fish thrilled by the fact that with you about.