Untidy, slovenly and irresponsible: Sign of the means with which the weight LIVING

Some call this creative chaos, but in fact the sloppiness!


Sagittarius will tell yourself that it is not messy, but simply have the ability to very quickly wreak havoc. It sounds like the definition of irregularities, but repeat – Sagittarius will say to yourself that even without such a feature.


Lions are not messy, but always find something better to do. Cleaning therefore often falls into the background, and this character loves them when the work gets done by someone else.


Bulls prefer that their home is clean, but if you have to choose between taking care of cleanliness and care of yourself, will choose the latter. Taurus would rather lie down on the bed and watch a good series than cleaned, a sense of guilt will never be strong enough to change.


This zodiac sign is quite logical when it comes to cleaning – why do something to clean up immediately when I clean a home for a few days, when it purchases more clutter? We must admit that this view is not entirely wrong.


Aquarians get clean attack and in those moments literally cleaned thoroughly every corner of the apartment, who receive the attack very rarely.