Uranus in Aries brings surprises-I’ll bring change or will make a mess! (Astrology)

The last time Uranus was in Aries from 1927 to 1934, but those were the years of many technological breakthroughs such as quantum physics, the beginning of television and the application of many of Tesla’s patents, the first intercontinental flight by plane as well as a development of transport and the auto industry. In these years have appeared and new ideologies that were aimed at the propagation of the New Age and New superman. After almost 80 years, we are again on the brink of a new technological and ideolološke Renaissance. It is likely that in the near future, ie. the next seven years on our planet appear more radical technological innovation and political or religious ideology. This is the time when when the whole of humanity will have to make an audit of knowledge itself and the individual conduct towards each other. In these newly established relationships will be built in the New World, which will be picked up from the collective unconscious and grow into a new phase of human development and a new understanding of natural laws that govern the Earth and the infinite cosmos.

When a planet in its transit through the zodiac moves from the last twelfth sign of Pisces in the first sign of the Zodiac, which symbolizes the personality, ego, self-consciousness, it will be very noticeable impact on the segment of life that symbolizes the astrological house that falls into Aries analog symbolism that she represents. This planet is always still dominant in the horoscopes of people who are in some way left their mark, both in science and umenosti. Indoor bunt has to find its way and can, if they are bad aspects of that person modes abuser or if it is in conjunction with Venus, for example. ie seducer. zavodnicom.Uran always activates the planet, along which is located within the symbolism of this planet and will give with the moon visionary genius and a strong intuition, great seductress with this position but also a great seducers, with Venus gives a refined eroticism, a sense of seduction, with the sun strong ego with Mars or strong sex appeal and aggressiveness, with the ambition of Jupiter and Saturn elegance with dignity with perseverance and obstinacy Pluto promiscuity. Of course the position of the planets ‘light up’ the character of a person from a different angle.

Position Uranus in the horoscope plays a big role in her love life, so that people who belong to the same generation well understood because they have Uranus in conjunction, they like the same kind of music, to delight the same things, have similar views on life. Every seven years, when the yarn to another character feels a change in musical style, cultural events, because come the “new kids”. Uranus brings transformation on a personal and social level, changes at the cellular level, every seven years to see the changes in physical appearance.

Keywords for Uranus freedom, revolution and change. Uranian types can not be long in one place. They are characterized by an abundance of ingenious ideas that urges them to change, and the adventurous and free spirit. Sociable and have a lot of social ties, or, in fact, feel lonely, because they are outside of society and time, and close relationships are not something that fills them. Their life is full of twists and mostly for the better, if Uranus is well aspected.

Therefore, the Uranus brings a developed intelligence, a sense of uniqueness, a different attitude and thinking, and change them in terms of different areas of life or yourself (depending on which house the planet touches). The sun is in Aquarius in exile, but here it has ego – ego uranium. This primarily refers to the typical Uranian types. Externally, in accordance with the aforementioned, Uranus also brings changes. For those who are alone, brings partners busy – temptations or termination. For those who are unemployed, bringing employment to employees – or cancel the temptations. New friendships are formed, the old release.

In the period of stay of Uranus in Aries, Uranus properties will be increased impulsiveness, courage, vitality and optimističnošću Aries. All our actions will be swift and unexpected, but also motivated by the influx of fresh and unusual ideas related to the progress of humanity and human relations on a wider scale. Maybe I’ll just wake up one day and want to be an active member of a humanitarian organization or we turn on the television and hear the news on the reform of the law on traffic. Also, expect the questions of the house where you found the planet Uranus in them (as well as those aspecting) aktualizovana.Tako be, if you are currently in Uran 11.kući, expect an interesting period in terms of friendships. If you transiting Mars to help the government 11.kućom, it is possible that you will have with existing friends or violent conflicts or disputes or will be, when Uranus retrograde motion again be in a position to meet with old friends and clear relations with him. Also, it is possible that you can then ponder over their friendships.

However, life changes are necessary, because they are part of our transformative process of maturation, which requires a cycle of Pluto. Allow yourself eruption changes, if they are progressive. Message Uranus is: “I’ll bring a change or I’ll make a mess.” Well, talasajte the waves of change and expect the best!


The older it will be more likely to behave buntovno.Sve unfulfilled desires, dreams, plans can now be realized. Opens a Pandora’s box and Aries knowledge of yourself as someone who needs to do what it wants in love is bold as always, this time bolder, more direct. Young Rams enter into extramarital relationships, driven by social trends and reforms.


Smela planets in the astrological field of intuition, imagination, illness, spirituality, issues dealing with the fear of failure, the need to have that fear of defeat, creative expression, a break with the past, the release of the complex, the need for open emphasizing self and its potential, secret love, fierce passion.

Social affirmation is a matter of days, and all the “fall” as the sky. Happy crafts, bold ventures, many love relationships, cohabitation, rich social život.Blizanci who are hesitant are now bolder and enter politics, dealing with the arts, sports, need for social priznanjima.U love are dominant, mature and courageous.

Those who do not change and they do not accept to win their established views, conventionalism and conservatism will remain on the edge of the event. If caught in time “train” will be on the road to success. Most Rakova will recognize opportunity when it comes to career, must be flexible and persistent. Women Crabs will be harder to deal with the changed family environment, there is prošienja family, getting married, for some to divorce.

Uranus has a big impact on Lava but may be too impatient or too slow to understand what was going on around him. Many will expand cooperation with foreigners, to leave for abroad, to enter into another relationship or marriage and some of them in parallel relationship, passions will be strong and will be too many lions “wild” uninhibited and smeli.Sledi success in science and sport.


The entry of Uranus in Aries Virgo can literally bring headaches, vision problems, health problems, mainly due to exaggeration, either in food, frustration, excessive work. Relations with the opposite sex become more complicated, many are choosing to make a change in your life, run in adultery, looking for someone else. Possible passionate love, new relationships, financial risks.

This is a sign of the “coup” because Uranus will partner relationships, love, and business to be the center of attention and will require that the scales of understanding for the weaknesses and shortcomings of partners both in marriage and in business cooperation. Partners will often be difficult to understand, many scales will rasikdati connections in the heat of passion, the partner will be unattainable but also a possible divorce, entering into cohabitation, Reggiani illegitimate children.


This character gets a chance to make a turnaround in the business plan and to start a new business and if the young to find a good job which will come to the fore its originalnost.Može be too demanding in partner relationships, can be expected from associates impossible. It would hardly be anyone to follow, will go ahead of his time, will seek a way to express his kreativnost.Treba to look after your health.


Many young shooters experienced “boom”. They can expect to be a great opportunity to point out how in love and at work. Every opportunity will be able to use, inelektutalne and verbal skills come to the fore. They will be able to make a great success in business as in sport and in umetnosti.Ovaj character is often inclined to break the emotional bonds that suddenly falls.


If he ever wanted to be what’s not to recognize what nobody admits to doing what it has always been a dream and did not dare – he’ll do it. If you need to move, to divorce, to enter into a passionate relationship, to find a new job, everything is possible. The course of his life depends on his courage and understanding that everything goes well as the opportunities that life offers him.


Aquarius becomes bolder and more willing to kere some new path through life. Changing ideas, beliefs, and will be what he will speak what he thinks will be a reformer and initiator of positive events. It will have a big impact on other colleagues, a romantic partner, will be made by important decisions concerning both her personality and her status in society and their families. It is possible to move to another state to testify or grag.


Uranus will be the most “hit” astrological field work and money but will Ribe be inclined to take risks. With a little luck and wisdom Fish can make a big turnaround in his career, can not decide, especially in the first years of this transit to go abroad. Decide for the option that gives them the most freedom, regardless of whether it is work or family life. Fish will not be coped any discipline is not blackmail, both financial and emotional level.