Uranus in Taurus – everything went upside down …. value systems will be completely changed!

Uranus, the planet of sudden and unexpected events, prepares us really something very interesting in the next seven years, which will stay in Taurus. Tranzitirajući through the sign of Taurus, Uranus will make a strong impact on the very foundation of our lives. The sign of Taurus represents money, our movable property, the food that we take every day, matter in its physical form, the acquisition of material resources, our talents, our own sense of values, what is it that we value as important as the very planet on which we live.

It would be best to start from the beginning to see what we saved it interesting Uranus.

The first thing that Uranus will begin to change money, and therefore our attitude towards money. Currencies that are currently playing note on which play will undergo a major change. It is likely that the dollar and the euro will suffer collapse, which could deepen the existing crisis. The collapse of the euro and the US dollar could entail the disappearance of the European Union and the United States. Will they disappear entirely or will undergo a drastic change, it remains to be seen. With Uranus we never really sure what to expect so that we remain vigilant to monitor developments in the world.

Some countries, such as Germany, will want to go back their currency. Germany for several years dreaming about your stamps and wondering how to realize your dream. Greece has every chance to recover from the economic depression in the coming years. The European Union is weak because more EU member states want to come out, while at the other end of the world trade war between America and China escalates. What would happen while Uranus is transiting through the sign of Taurus is really hard to say, because everything is possible.

Fate of small countries, such as Serbia, are directly dependent on theater pieces performed by great powers. In the years to come will be very important what kind of moves will be drawn by politicians who are at the forefront of developing countries.

Virtual money or digital money, such as bitcoin, will experience real expansion. Many will kriptovalutama see a way out of a centralized banking system. Since kriptovaluta still unexplored area, should take into account the risks that entails. A government which risks the planet? I guessed you’re right. It is Uranus.

We see that in writing, print and digital media are increasingly represented a healthy diet. We can see many nutritionists and competent expert advice for medicine dealing specifically with nutrition. More and more products that are based on food without meat. We can see that in the last few years, an increasing number of people intolerant to gluten and lactose, which is why growing interest of people for a vegetarian or vegan diet.

On the other hand there must be someone who produced fruit and vegetables, in which invests in seed, expecting to be invested capital multiple doors. Here come to the fore billion-oriented companies that are strictly GMO crops that mature more quickly than they do naturally. This is actually the main problem arises. GMO fruits and vegetables themselves in an altered genetic structure, which when taken into the body, directly changes the human or animal DNA.

Looking at the situation in the long term, GMO causes various diseases. The scope of influence is very wide, ranging from problems with digestion, to cancer. Since it is still examining the impact of GMO foods on the human body, scientists are not sure to what extent it can cause congenital diseases in future generations. Another problem created by additives that are added to foods as long as you remain fresh, artificial colors and flavors.

As a counterweight to appear smaller producers of organic products. The prices of their products are often higher than the price of the product multimilijarderskih company so that the survival of small producers depends directly on how many people are interested in healthy food.

The planet on which we live is going through major changes. I will not write about the cycles through which the planet passes in the course of my life, but I will only osvrtnuti the most important thing.

The electromagnetic field of the Earth is changing. Research shows that the electromagnetic field of the Earth weakens the approach of the sun to its minimum activity, and therefore all life on the planet becomes more vulnerable to cosmic radiation. Scientists are closely monitoring developments, since the weakening of the magnetic field has a direct impact on radio communications and power supply. A stronger gust of cosmic radiation from outer space or from the sun can cause serious problems since our civilization is dependent on electricity. Air traffic is very threatened, because if there was a sudden failure of the aircraft due to the change in the magnetic field of the Earth, it could cause a crash while the cause of the failure remains unknown. The chaos that can arise if there is a problem with the mains power supply which allows free access to the Internet is unimaginable.

At the same time, and the sun is going through major changes since the closer to the minimum of its activities. This means that it radiates less power than usual. That we should not be afraid because it is a common thing in the life of the star around which we turn.

Changing the Earth’s electromagnetic field, greater exposure to cosmic radiation and reaching a minimum the Sun’s activity will result in a change to the life of the planet, and in the minds of people. The frequency of earthquakes, floods, storms and natural disasters will be much higher than now. How does our body changes as we grow in a similar way to change the appearance of the planet. In many sources of information can be found on reversing the poles, but for that they need thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of years. During this period, probably beginning this process.

This is the right time for people to turn to spirituality and knowledge that they have always stood somewhere in the margin.

The next seven years will be great for raising awareness among the people. Since Uranus, which represents freedom, in the sign of Taurus, which is a matter, the greatest progress will be achieved in the field of understanding of matter and energy from which matter is built. A major thrust will be in the field of quantum physics, where there will be a revolutionary discovery.

They will understand the laws of nature that govern atoms and subatomic elementary particles. On the matter will no longer be seen as a plain piece of land. He will come to the realization that matter is conscious, which is on a different level than the one that has the human consciousness. Also, people will thanks to these findings become aware of the power they possess, will become aware of the strength of mind and will try to find a way to begin to develop these skills.

The history has recorded cases of telekinesis, telepathy, the appearance of holy men in several places at the same time and the like, which is not reserved only for the chosen. Now is the time to realize that there are selected, it is only an illusion. Selected all of us, the only question is whether we want to snap out of lethargic sleep.

A higher state of consciousness, as a multidimensional human beings, the notion that the universe is a living being, overcoming all outdated concepts and models of behavior which had shaken the planet more than ever before in history.

At this point we come to the important things and transit Saturn in Capricorn, about which I wrote earlier.

This knowledge brought by Uranus will direct the conflict with the desire of individuals from the ruling structures that hold humanity in bondage. Humanity must not come into contact with this knowledge, and so will this knowledge jealously kept away from people.

In the following years we will witness the rapid development of technology, and most computer techniques. The information will be kept, but the Internet will be a place where they will find many classified documents at the same time with them and know that they are hiding. The ruling structures will try in every way to prevent the release of such information to the public, and on the other hackers will try all possible ways that such information is published.

Transit Saturn in Capricorn and Uranus transiting in Taurus came to us, each in our own way, teach the truth. Saturn will confront us with all the things that we can not overcome, and which so stubbornly stick even though it hurts. Uranus will show us what we are actually waiting when we manage to overcome their own self-imposed limitations.

Get ready, we have some really interesting time.

Value systems will be completely changed, because once you overcome your own limitations, we become free. Then they will create a possibility to talents that we carry in ourselves free expression. No more limited perception, a sense that something is impossible to do. Anything is possible, but we need to be aware of. If we look through history, we can see that all those who enter something revolutionary at the time in which they lived suffered humiliation. Only now we see that these people were right.

Life is art. It must always be borne in mind if we want to be free. No matter how transit Saturn and Uranus acted terribly, be sure that they are not really like that. They arrived just in time to show us the path that should be followed. There are no restrictions, they impose themselves.