V O D O L I A J-They are fascinated by everything that is ultra-modern!

1. American employers prefer to employ Aquarius on jobs that require originality. Research based on the observation of workers show that Aquarius and work on a treadmill perform in their own way.

2. They are fascinated by everything that is ultra-modern. Statistics show that among the first got the computer and connect to the Internet. In the kitchen are more often than others serve coffee.

3. What is the emotional life is concerned, Aquarius belong to the group of those with whom it is difficult to plan a common future. Their partners the most annoying tendency to their former loves to establish a friendly relationship, and that are often uncertain about the nature of his feelings.

4. Friends blame them discomfort and constant need for novelty. I do not hold them to the city, and going out with them often means running from bar to bar …

5. Aquarians are the most resilient character when it comes to climate change and weather. The fastest and easiest to adapt to unusual living conditions, polar seasons, monsoons and tropical temperatures.

6. They occupy the top tier hosts in whose house guests feel most comfortable. With them you can always pop in unannounced and feel free to go into the kitchen and on their own initiative to make a coffee or lunch.

7. By the way people travel, it’s easy to guess belonging to a certain sign of the zodiac. If you see a person armed with cameras and binoculars, can not go wrong if you think that the Taurus.