Vaga-monthly horoscope for August 2021.


In front of you is a period when various changes are saved but slowly comes to the realization. Your career field by the Moon, and to have initiated this, it is necessary to wait for the appearance of the new moon, which will happen on August 2, in the eleventh field that indicates the significant influence of friends and people close to the environmental change of job or business status. Emphasized fields of friendship and secrets indicate that the stored things that are not seen but which may not only surprise you, but also people from your environment, whether in a positive or negative sense. End of July will mark and Mars in the field of money, which indicates the impossibility of adequate earnings, but caution is necessary in order to avoid problems related to payment. Since joining Mercury in the sign of Virgo on July 31, take care of the documents. Be careful what you leave and where you keep, so you do not accidentally lost important papers and brought themselves in a critical situation.


Many members of this sign has long felt the need to somehow stabilize, but will have to rest a little, because it currently only provides an opportunity for summer escapades. Stay Venus, ruler of the twelfth field, suitable for a variety of combinations of love for transient and clandestine relationships. Anything is possible, but do not expect that during this period any connection “put in order” and converted into a quality relationship. Numerous challenges are multiplied because in addition to Venus in the twelfth field and Merkur and all forms of communication risk, in the sense that it is possible that some statements are wrong interpreted, and that is a message that should remain secret inadvertently went to the wrong address and that cause a scandal. Voltage is a basic feature of the coming period and increased self-control only way to peacefully period.


Possible problems with his throat, colds and inflammation. The middle ear is also potentially sensitive and prone to infections in the future.