Vaga-monthly horoscope for December 2020.

JOB: You are ambitious when it comes in December because you love to do and you are not someone who is slacking when the personal interests and the interests of the companies concerned. Due to the square of Neptune and Venus your ruler can be blocked and constantly late for work, a tendency to transfer important responsibilities and tasks to others. What is important is to organize better but still you need and in love partner. Cooperation with Sagittarius, Aries, Leo is one of the better and they will help you in everything, especially in the selection of good ideas, organization of work, workers and ultimately generate earnings. Retro Mercury you act more as difficulties in communicating with others, but Libra is naturally charming and will somehow alleviate that aspect. Some Scales expected new supply, new jobs.

LOVE: A little arguments at the beginning of the month with a partner will be discussed in this period. It will take quite upset and sad. Correct relationship or marriage planning travel to a destination in a beautiful, warm, sunny or opt for a small mountain town that is already a lot of snow, that with romantic evenings give each other the right emotion. Scales that are available just expected this freedom. Good feel to the skin. Ideal connection may be with signs of fire and air, although it is not unusual if you’re intrigued by the end of the year and an interesting Capricorn.

HEALTH: Keep your hips, bones, skin that will be particularly vulnerable during December. Yunost more fluids or tea, especially cranberry and chokeberry treat your ailments.