Vaga-monthly horoscope for December 2021.


Venus, your ruler, enters the sign of Aquarius and your field of love, creativity, fun and lighter life circumstances at the end of the first week of December. Before you is the time of unlimited possibilities for enjoyment and entertainment – it is certain that you will easily flirt, even easier to conquer and seduce. You will have little to play, but in fact, at least initially, will not have any serious intentions when it comes to suitors. However, during the second decade may happen one truly serious acquaintance and a great opportunity to fall in love head over heels. I alone can not be confused with the force of what you feel. Pay attention to the last week of December – even if you wait until then, during this period will happen “the real thing”! So let luck to you, may last long and be happy! If you are in an emotional relationship – I can tell you that this period is not at all bad for you. Loved one and you are a few previous months’ missed each other “- a little silent you are, so it’s silent on …. in fact, can not manage to find a common language …. or is it even went” on the muscles “. Now you have great days ahead, when you are going through laughter, fun and good humor easily work together and enjoy.


The first two decades of the month you are more than good business segment. Even though there are some minor problems, you have a goddess of luck on his side, and somehow you will all be able to “iron them” effortlessly. During this period, you only need to be careful not to forget some important obligations and not to take lightly the information that they came to you. Cooperation with strangers you can rise to new heights, and sometimes you can not believe that you do something like this happens – in this segment you go really big money, so if you have any opportunities or options outstanding – get it! The third decade of this month would have been able to bring you some short-term issues, but it will be more “artsy” than it will be a real danger to your business position. Turn to private from the beginning of the third decade of moving time when they stand to profit much more than in previous months.


The health situation is more than good during the first two decades of December. In the last ten days of this period it is possible that you will have a smaller decline in immunity, so look to get plenty of rest, eat regularly and act preventively. Older members of the sign can then have problems with veins, urogenital tract, and can be hurt and fall.