Vaga-monthly horoscope for February 2021st


Let’s order … realistically double your relationship and more emotional connection does not work quite so bad in the first week of February. Another thing is that to you personally notably some dissatisfaction. The culprit may be the other side, but it might be you. It will be bursting few tense moments that I would primarily be solved through the bedroom, but I could help that you and the loved one I release the ball a little more to adjust to each other. Warm advice to the occupied Scales was that during this period are not looking for consolation, either through communication with the hand, either through a hm … concrete events, because it is more than possible that partner immediately smell I expose you. The second and third decades of the month I have not been so bad, but it is certain that there will be a few moments when you can again be confrontation, but this would only be for the reason that a loved one will react very negatively to your flirting I Charming other members of the opposite sex. Those who are free have a reason to rejoice, because before you period with many opportunities for emotional fulfillment. The first decade was a bit problematic, because the more points you will be something that you can get involved to remain only at the level of transient, casual relationships. Moving your ruler Venus in Aquarius I love your box will activate you as if you are in power involved. For the younger ones, who want to mix fun I love this event will be an excellent period. Even if I do well those members who sign are ready to seriously commit. A person just to suit you that you have been waiting for the real beginning of a love relationship.


This whole month Libra provides an opportunity to do more important things than in January. In the first decade will have the necessary stability for resolving issues with business associates, and the rest of the month will bring the desired movement and opportunities for advancement. The brain will be in most of the period work table clock, creative solutions and ideas will succeed to fit in a job that is currently performing, so it is no wonder that you will be superior in this period of notice I saved for improvement, change positions or some sort of financial reward. You have great opportunities and to initiate new cooperation, but pay attention to competitors because they can engage around the same business customer and speed of thinking and action will decide who will win. In February, the possible number of business trips, and some of them I can take you outside the country. Material segment will be largely satisfied, and the only thing you should pay attention to is the tendency to wear and neglect existing obligations, bills.


You’ll have more to take care of your diet because there is a possibility of food allergies, delay in digestion, constipation. During this period, Scales are susceptible to respiratory infections and viruses, which might be followed by a rather high temperature. Aging population problems with the spine, lower back.