Vaga-monthly horoscope for January 2021st

Love: In the first two decades of January in your home field is Mercury retrograde, so you and your spouse should at that time to solve some residual problems that sometimes is so happy to push under the carpet. Advice for you is to really try to reach some common solutions and reach, as is the third decade of little unfavorable for communication and then it would be difficult to reach a compromise. Those who make an effort and get a relationship with a partner that third decade of January could spend in a much better mood since then and Venus enters your home field. Those in long emotional relationships also Council – a loved one in this moon in a lot better position than you, stronger and more stable, and should not try to adjust, not to insist on some of its narrow-minded goals or you force your way. Instead of this, make sure to enter the paper and sparkle in your relationship, because a loved one is pleased to accept your initiative. Available scales could engage in some form of a secret relationship with someone who probably is not free. and you are aware that this is not what you like, but it will be difficult to resist the attraction and magnetism that radiates this person. If you manage to overcome and skip this “bait” to be before you set up the first part of the month, the second part to mainly spent socializing with friends and occasional light flirtations. The last week of January is yet unable to bring about the person that you want to be serious push on and devote her time to her.

Business: Mars energy in the field that the government work and money is very good, but only if you know how to use it properly. Be aware that this is a period when things can indeed run, but expect that it will be activated and those who believe the competition. In the first decade of the month it is best to be a little more careful, because just this, unfair competition, and open enemies, could hamper your progress and pull some moves against you. How are you going to be in some form of blockades and tensions in that period, so after that open up opportunities to catch-up. A great chance points in mid-month, and could easily be linked to a foreign partner or a large domestic client. You can count on from then until the end of January literally be a rate of hundreds per hour that the duties and responsibilities are concerned, but do not complain about the effort. It is also the best time for financial inflows. Private owners this period particularly suitable for making new business deals.

Health: In the first part of the month in the elderly population possible problems with rheumatism, gout, a younger Scales could check the blood count or visit the dentist. Last week brings something weaker immunity and easier to illness from seasonal diseases. If slippery when wet, be careful not to fall down and not be hurt.