Vaga-monthly horoscope for March 2021st


In the first decade of March in the primary relationships and marriages will all work pretty well. Yes, the partner will take some of his words and actions, “push” the brain, or are you in a pretty good mood and with this uspevaćete to cope. However, from crossing your ruler Venus in Pisces, it will begin to experience more emotional and intense. You will be easily vulnerable, a diversity of energy between you and your loved ones will increasingly come to the fore. Tense moments will continue throughout this period, but it will eclipse the Month 23, sharps in my experience quite difficult to sign. In the days before and after the eclipse everything that is going on between you and a loved one ubadaće you directly to the heart. In this period may well be that some emotional connections, regardless of the durability, cease to exist. There is no rest of the month is better, so dear to my store primarily think carefully. What do you want and whether you want to do? If you feel it’s worth, then pry this period the muscles. If you have already realized that from this business nothing more, maybe it’s better that you cross paths disperse the Free Libra … the whole month of March is open primarily for adventure. It would not be a good idea just to start some relationships where you do, especially if you attach to a person who is not free. Have the option to launch secret relationship, and relationships that have karmic connotation. Do not take a step back and leave the past alone.


There are also times when nothing works as it should. The problem is evident in the love, but will follow during this period and the problems in the business segment. Everything will be here, and delays, and poor relationships with colleagues and superiors, and delays in arrangements. Competition will be activated, and it is unfair, but do not be surprised games and stories that take place behind your back. Some scales may remain out of work at this time or get a position lower than the current one. As you can see, is not easy, nor will be. But through all these events and tries another element – and it is your determination and patience to all this all out. By far you are from the fragile and do not break under the pressure that easy, but you have at your side and your famous ability to balance in essential moments, so do not doubt that you will cope. What will rejoice, and give you hope are still stable inflows which will operate throughout March.


Problematic moments and situations that require your full attention concentricity and will definitely lead to a general state of exhaustion, fatigue and stress. You need to do something for yourself, but it’s more rest, more relaxation, proper diet and some form of recreation that will help to remove negative energy from yourself.