Vaga-monthly horoscope for November 2021.


Mars in your field of love, a lot of field communications, meetings, new friendships … .a beautiful scales that can not be nicer … .and themselves. My dear, it is more than likely that you will have at least one opportunity for emotional happiness during this month. If you do not want to be running, the others will, so you definitely expect to be inundated with invitations to meetings, or if your suitors least try to maintain strong communication with you. You have no excuse for whining that you’re lonely. Maybe at first you will not be able to look at the value of one person, but it will slowly get under your skin, if you just let her. In fact, a turning point in you can happen in the last decade of the month when you will suddenly decide on “all or nothing”. That is the period for the start of an extremely stable, dedicated and persistent connections. If you are married, half of the month of performances a very important period for you and a partner. The truth is that it will then be disagreements and you’ll even have a pair of “bursting moments,” but it is necessary that the situation between the two of you first cleared and then calmed down and stabilized. If you are the longer a relationship, you have an understanding with your loved one and if you do not make a mistake, everything should be fine. Make sure only that at some point the temptation to engage in short-term, non-binding and only time in itself create a problem.


In the field of work – very violently. To be sure, this does not mean that it will happen some I do not know what horrible things just means that most will not be able to opasuljite of the amount of work you have. Whatever profession that you do, there is a tendency that you are so overwhelmed with it just do not know how to achieve everything. Of course, this has its good and bad sides. Good, of course – a greater amount of money in your wallet, but it’s one of the drawbacks and what you might have to some, especially additional jobs, give up. Throughout the month, emphasizes communication, meetings, conventions with many people, but if you’re a commercial or trade activities – you may need to extend working hours. Some of you may wish to become independent and that I turned to the waters of the private business, which is more than in November supported. Raise your head I just boldly go!


Your ruler is largely November in the cold Capricorn and in square aspect to your sign. Standing opportunities to decreased immunity, easy subcooling and inflammatory processes. Make sure you are warmed to adequate food and getting enough vitamins and minerals. Older members of the sign shall pay attention to the spine, joints, and the urogenital tract.