Vaga-monthly horoscope for October 2020.

JOB: You are able to trade negotiations. Although your ruler Venus in the twelfth field enclosed space, psyche, distant travel, also to the field of illusion that is very necessary to this sign. You will have a special inspiration ,, ,, for everything you do. Take advantage of this period to all new ideas, creativity, as from the second half of the month you will have all to realize that in real terms. Money must not wait. If you are into, as always, beautiful things, selling makeup, clothes, jewelry, anything that beautifies and gives formal splendor.

LOVE: The middle of the month will be described minor disagreements, fights for dominance in a relationship, sophistry, something that can disrupt your community, either marriage or long relationship. If you are single, this month is better for you because you will be able to relax beside the Virgin, Scorpio or Aries, who secretly wants to marry you.

HEALTH: Beware of sudden movements. Often you to be impulsive, to react too loud, thereby block the nervous system and can cause inflammation of a nerve. The trip, a walk in the countryside or along the river is a drug.