Vaga-monthly horoscope for October 2021.


The new moon in your field of personality in early October Libra will bring their primary relationships and marriages a new perspective on events in their emotional relationships. You yourself will be prepared to a different approach to your loved one, you open up many issues I finally talk about something that you are the one I bothered in the past. The Merkur walking in the field of your subconscious throughout September, as well as the solar eclipse at that time, brought to you were not ready to discuss with your loved one just about everything that I’ve kept many things to ourselves. Entering the planet of communication in your field of personality, you will be ready to discover and perhaps some of their plans and aspirations that bind to your relationship. Mars who rules your partnerships serious, it will be in Capricorn, which brings somewhat stubbornness and slowness, but also a big commitment, but of their “other half” expect to be here, with you, that you understand and support. Free members of this sign will have before them a number of occasions during this month, but the question is whether you are at this time ready for some serious stories. Your ruler Venus transit through Scorpio in the first part of the month will bring you before the intensity and passion than the need for stability, and when the second part of October enters Sagittarius, only then you will really be in the mood for fun and entertainment. Only in the last days of the month you will feel that you have found the one right person for yourself.


The new moon in your sign, the presence of Jupiter, the Sun and Mercury will bring you an excellent business period, mostly thanks to your talents, your abilities, your big ambitions. Not only will you be able to eloquence and quick thinking to master, and some more difficult circumstances, but I reach out to those that are interested in cooperation, but will all this (for Jupiter) have I touch of fortunate circumstances and a great support to her foreign. Your ruler will in the first two decades of transition through the field work, to be followed by the Sun moved into this field, you just talk about how that business success and a chance to line up one after another. Do not allow this more than a good period passes without your great activities! In the third decade of the month it is possible to get a well-deserved recognition for their work, and then you open up more opportunities for cooperation with foreign companies.


Large planetary support will definitely affect your health segment. In October you will feel, but I look great … just a little control your appetite, which will be somewhat stronger than usual. Older members of the sign in the third decade of a pay greater attention to the kidneys. Possible ailments of the urogenital tract.