Vaga-monthly horoscope for September 2020.

JOB: Your money will be very important, first of all, that you need to invest in many things. You need to find a faster and more efficient way to run a business and the people around you. Your ruler Venus will be in the field 12 of the psyche, a secret, but you can have a problem at work with women who are jealous of your strength and resourcefulness. Beware of 20 September. You can expect a reversal, a new job, new people around, better communication. The more you deal with documents, you’ll probably sign an important contract for the distant future. Help ask Lava or other scales.

LOVE: Your ruler Venus moves 11 field friend received love. The need for love is emphasized. Those who are married or related will have the opportunity to set off in a secret relationship, especially in the second half of the month. If you are single, you will yourself to be attractive to a Taurus who wants you to have love and heart. Take advantage of this beautiful opportunity that rarely occurs.

HEALTH: Colds, lower spine, lumbar sensitive. You need to reserve. Do not go overboard with the work.