Vaga-monthly horoscope for September 2021.


Dear Libra, if you have emotional or spouse, and some things you hide from him, maybe you should consider that it would be good to put an end to what was a secret … The solar eclipse in your box of secrets, as well as Mercury retrograde to stay here throughout September, I can bring to the light of day some situations where you would like it to be about them does not know. Especially the first decade of the month burdensome then I should be very careful. Jupiter enters your sign at the end of the first decade of September and it will stay until October next year. Already during this month will become evident that it is time to their emotional or marital relations good review and consider whether it’s worth to stay in them or not. Since it is evident that the balance in your emotional relationships disrupted, or try to recover it or finally admit to ourselves that we should give up on everything. I for one and the other will have great opportunities, and you on what you will and you are going to end … any case, the partnership will stabilize in the second half of the month. Those members of Libra, which are free, with Venus in the field of personality and Jupiter will soon “walk” with you – I have more than enough opportunity to have fun em, em conquer the people who are interesting to them. However, opportunities will be more, so the question is whether you will not so easily be able to decide who is the person for you. In any case – a great period in front of you!


For you it is the most complicated first decade of the month in which the business segment concerned. Much will seem uncertain, nerviraćete I can try to make your plans, you will go is not easy at all. However, I period about lunar eclipses, will be made by mid-September also moments of tension, especially in the immediate business environment, but will it relatively easy to overcome. In fact, the entry of Jupiter in your field of personality at the end of the first decade of this period opens before you an extraordinary period when you will certainly be able to improve and get to what you want. You will easily be able to decide whether the existing workplace what I want without major problems will introduce changes that you require. From the third decade of all this will be further enhanced, and then you go and the best financial conditions during this month. If you are looking for a job, start with greater activity in the second half of September, and it is certain that I go to employees stronger income from occasional or additional engagement.


The first two decades bring complications in the health segment, which will be reflected in your physical or mental strength and body. Pad immunity will be one of the consequences. However, since the beginning of the third decade and the entry of the Sun in your sign, you follow a speedy recovery.