Vaga-monthly horoscopes for July 2020

JOB: Scales business plan change, although it will be a half months under the influence of Mercury retro. Some people in this constellation that can brings you the progress. Actually, something is done and returns. And traveling abroad during the period. You need to let the celestial energy that you certainly leads to success. People from the sign Aries, Leo, Virgo, can help, while a bull or fish you can have misunderstanding. The most success you can have in the areas of management or trade. Be sure to listen to yourself, you are a powerful person who perfectly knows how to recognize a source of profit.

LOVE: Venus in Leo in the first part of the month later transferred to Virgo, Mars retrograde in Aquarius. This aspect will all start in the sky, Venus especially children. Adventure is part of the characters and a good feel to the skin. You have to be careful not to hurt someone you love and who loves you. Mars in Aquarius will not give you peace. During the month, like flying. Non stop the move and your energy is difficult to stop. Scales which themselves may have more suitors in their surroundings and to be blocked in the selection of the right person. An Aquarius will delight you, and you will probably stir up emotions. A good relationship with Leo or cancer. If you end your relationship or marriage, do it while you Saturn in Capricorn, it will be difficult and laborious, but you will need because there is finally a solution.

HEALTH: You do not have the smooth, except that you need to be physically more activated. You are full of energy.