Vaga-monthly horoscopes for July 2021.

Business: The first 8 days of the month, you will not be so great. You will be very nervous and therefore will not be ready to give ourselves the maximum of work you do. It is important not to worry. This period is short and it will pass, and when it is passed, then everything will be much easier and better. If you do not, the advice is to activate about jobs where a lot of traveling. To keep you fulfilled as a person, but it would be good and earn. In a way to connect the two pleasures in one. Favorable period in terms of the work lasts from 11 to 23 July. For you to make the most of it, and then to focus on the job in the way that you can know.

Love: You seem very calm. Perhaps even more than is usual for you. It certainly can not be a minus. Partner will therefore reward sincere emotion and you will see how is so much nicer. I understand that the partner is not a perfect being, and that, as everyone has flaws, but none of us is perfect. If you are free, I see the possibility of casual relationships, but do not expect too much. Favorable period for such events you the first third of the month.

Health: It is possible the emergence of insomnia, and loss of immunity as a result of poor sleep.