Vaga-Monthly Horoscopes for May 2021st


Your ruler Venus is in her seat and Taurus during the first two decades, and the third becomes akin to you, air sign Gemini. To say that you personally will feel great, ma phenomenally during this period! Now, you are good, you are prepared for all sorts of concessions to the loved one, eager for being a spoil, and to please her in every way …. but your partner is not exactly in a particular mood. Mars, which rules your significant distances, goes retrograde stroke, so you probably you be a driver attitude and try to everything between the two of you work more than perfect. What would you recommend as an excellent method to get everything you want from a loved one is – the bedroom. The passion in this month at its peak, and captivate your partner the way you just know how. If you are lonely, free, yourself …. someone can go back to your life. However, this may not be a former partner emotional, but a person with whom you have had communication, perhaps a brief acquaintance, someone who you liked, but at that time did not happen some significant things between you two. Some Vagić will in turn be more in the mood to have a good time and look only to themselves and to their enjoyment, which is not so bad, is it? You’ll be like, fun and maybe the occasional casual fling ….


Ruler of the field work, Mars, during this month goes retrograde stroke, so you have no grounds to expect any spectacular changes even innovations in the business segment. Mostly it will all boil down to the steady performance of business obligations and projects that have run in the past. Even here the possible occasional failures and mistakes, misunderstandings in communication and heavy arrangements, all thanks to Mercury retrograde. Stellium of planets in the eighth field, which among other government and money from other people, will focus attention on the most Vaga financial segment. Now you can take a loan or a loan from the bank but also the money will start to come from the work you did. New Moon in this field in the first ten days of May indicates the need to thoughtful, rational and prudent handling of its financial resources. More activities and better results will start in the third decade of May. Support from the bosses.


Manages to maintain stability in the health segment, and opportunities for you to take a significantly better when the third decade of receiving support from the Sun and Venus. Direct Jupiter in the field of the psyche tells that it takes more to turn to their needs, find time for relaxation, peace and relaxation.