Vaga-psychological profile characters! Read them like a book! Astrology reveals …..

Libra is the only sign of the Zodiac present. Her two tasa in a graphical representation must be under steady pressure there to be a balance, a balance and harmony is exactly what weight that character. But as soon as there are two sides, there is indecision, and this is a feature that scales perhaps the most determined. Libra is one of the best signs of the zodiac, and certainly the most cordial. Members of this sign have the social and cheerful, care about their appearance, behavior and good manners. They care about is to live in a beautiful and harmonious environment. The external appearance is very important to them, too often. Believing that behind the beautiful and manicured facade hides worth feelings, donate the heart and trust utterly unreliable people.

Sami would imagine a good mood when you feel bad, and the ugly dark circles covering a thick layer of makeup or to avoid contact. Some of them because of this behavior called two-faced, but the truth is that they just want to suppress all negative. They love compliments, gifts, and they prefer and adulation than honest criticism. They have a lot of acquaintances but no real friends. Reluctant to talk about their intimacy, especially if you have a negative experience. I do not want to provoke pity, but admiration. They abhor the brutality of aggression and primitivism. When they feel threatened, no dams are already running away, overcome with panic and fear. All this is intensified when they are alone; when accompanied by someone who loves them, they feel stronger and safer.