Venera-over-eating, sentimentality, stubbornness, rationalization, addiction …..

Planet: Venus

Meaning: Goddess of love and beauty. It’s morning and evening star. It appears just before sunrise and sunset. Queen of Heaven, or Ishtar with the Babylonians.

Resides in the sign: 19 days

Element: Air

Nature: Damp

Temperament: Sanguine and Phlegmatic

Characteristics: art, sexuality, food and drink, partners, throat, neck, skin, kidneys, intestines, ears, sugar, copper, niacin, value, vein, vitamin E, art, talent, dance, emeralds, entertainment, fashion, marriage , money, music, partnership, romance

Harmonious expression: companionship, love, diplomacy, harmony, balance, attentiveness, skill, attractiveness, beauty, kind, cultured, flexibility, forgiveness, intimacy, peace, tranquility, justice

Inharmonious expression: excessive eating, sentimentality, stubbornness, rationalization, addiction, anorexia, laziness, immorality

Headquarters: Taurus and Libra

Exaltation: Fish

Expulsion: Scorpio and Aries

Pad: Virgo