Venus in Aquarius-I do not care about other people’s opinion, does not like to be tied and that hamper!

Venus in Aquarius is a social woman who likes to hang out with friends and was surrounded by people. The eccentric behavior and looks. Humana is an independent, law “Amazon”, unpredictable, liberal, has not committed and without prejudice. I do not care about other people’s opinion, does not like to be tied and that is holding you back. It is interesting at first glance, because it is different from others and likes to be fit. Himself he can not imagine in a boring and monotonous relationship. It must be independent and free. It deals with computers, technique, science or study something unusual.

Retrograde Venus in Aquarius is an independent, not suffer limitations and helping others. Rarely establish permanent and close ties. He loves the freedom, it is very lonely and binds to the strangest types.

A man with Venus in Aquarius has more connections. Relationship arise suddenly and under unusual circumstances, a break abruptly. Often arise from friendship ties. Attracted to intelligent women and those who did not deprive of freedom. Do not submit a jealous scene. Lasting relationship can be filed only with the person with whom he shares the same ideals. He loves casual sex in the most unusual places. If it is badly aspected Venus is promiscuous.

How to attract a man with Venus in Aquarius? Put on an unusual, striking and unusual. It is better to wear skirts rather than pants, because he likes to watch the calf. Be cheerful, social, and manage intellectual conversations. First, set up as a friend, do not be possessive and not zivkajte by constant phone.