Venus in Aquarius Venus-per zodiac signs

The position of Venus in Aquarius is about people who most valued equality in romantic relationships. Liberal, progressive and often original spirit art approach, seeking to have their own and unique style of clothing, hairstyles, jewelry. As the Taurus air and fixed sign, these elements are afraid of the expression of Venus, so it becomes important communication, sociability, freedom, and loyalty.

People with this position of Venus prefer partners who are not limited to, primarily their interests, as well as a selection of their friends or musical taste. Love here shows and experiencing the friendship and the exchange of ideas, and ideas are objective, unconventional and often related to philosophy, movies, poetry, photography. This Venus enjoys the study of people in certain situations, can recognize people’s aspirations and understand other people’s behavior without any further explanation.

In dysfunctional expression of a person with this Venus can be very reserved and cold. They can be loaded with specific ideas, especially if they are related to their authenticity, originality and sense of freedom. From the needs of their creativity and talents come to the fore, they can become too much of individuals who do not cooperate with anyone. Or your individuality often seen as a specialty in relation to the other, which makes them stubborn, irresponsible and fanatical.

The goal of the balance that every Venus seeks to establish is somewhere between originality and grounded. Not every creative diversity, nor any rule impersonal. In emotional relationships can be loaded to future events and are often absent in the present moment. Often anticipation of events makes them separate from real life, but can act absent, and their timeless ideas. This position speaks of many friends and frequent social contacts, but also loneliness and isolation.

Known Venus in Aquarius: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Willis, Jared Leto, Isaac Newton, Mel Gibson, Ashton Kutcher, Ellen De Dženeris, Nostradamus, Muhammad Ali, Janis Joplin, Nicolas Cage, Quentin Tarantino