Venus in Aries-combat and courage to face problems in life!

Venus in Aries is an independent, energetic and independent woman. It is not fragile, not gentle woman, but somewhat arbitrary, unruly and defiant. Combat is bravely facing problems in life. Not shy, she causes men and is capable itself approached the man, even be pushy and “chase” guys. Not dependent on men and does not accept the traditional role of women in the family, nor to obey men. Selfish and true to their appearance. It has to be first and best. Occasionally there are outbursts and can be rough. This is a “woman warrior”, which requires a strong man who can match her. “He collects trophies” of men.

Venus retrograde in Aries is closed, shy women and nesamopouzdana wife. It takes into account what people think about her. If badly aspected then it is arrogant, narcissistic and selfish woman.

Guys & Venus in Aries loves a challenge and excitement. I do not like to be a partner and constantly bothering him a call. Feelings expressed openly. If it is a woman directly appeal to her to know. It’s easy to fall in love and fall out more quickly, as soon as the challenge of conquest. His wife drew first physical Looks. Flirting and quickly make new connections with a lot of passion to be short-lived. Aroused by women who participate in sports or wear a uniform at work. His head is always women and younger. He can not stand women who sit at home and knit because it can keep a dynamic woman.

HOW TO ATTRACT man with Venus in Aries? Repaint hair red or reddish. Wear short hair or if you already do not want to cut to wear barrettes in their hair or tail. Challenging and erotic get dressed, if that’s not your style, then dress in sports. He likes to lean women. Wear shoes instead of heels striking. Act as an independent woman can not feel that the “hunt”. Talk about sports that will knock your socks off. Do not act so gentle little soul in love views, but behave like independent women direct gaze and speech. Your rudeness for him is a challenge to tame you. Do not be humble.